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Disc Clutches and Brakes

Disc clutches and brakes are available from a variety of manufacturers, through Clutch Engineering. They are also available pneumatic or hydraulic actuation applications. As a result, these products can meet your needs for the incorporation of emergency breaking capabilities in systems where electricity or air pressure may be lost. They can utilize a piston to move their internal discs axially. Spring set configurations are often used for applications where emergency failsafe operation is required. Utilizing effective failsafe equipment can be a critical factor when considering the safety of your machinery. Contact our team directly for additional information.

CBC Clutch/Brake Combination

Clutch Engineering offers the Eaton CBC, for use with various mechanical applications such as punching machines, printing machines, presses, and other industrial equipment. This clutch/brake combination features a compact design that can effectively apply braking pressure to moving equipment within for your critical operations. This particular product combines an air actuated disc clutch and a spring applied disc brake. Due to the CBC's simple design, over lapping is not able occur between clutching and braking, giving you a better optimized product solution. This, combined with its high thermal capacity and low air consumption, makes this clutch/brake product ideal for a great variety of high speed, high cyclic, and heavy-duty industrial applications. Dynamic brake torque range: 10,900 to 135,000 lb-in (1,231 to 15,253 Nm) Static clutch torque range: 18,700 to 290,000 lb-in (2,113 to 32,765 Nm) Typical applications: Punching machines, printing machines, shears, stamping and forming presses

CBH Clutch/Brake Combination

These CBH Clutch/Brake Combination products are made for extremely high cyclic rates. Clutch Engineering offers these for use in applications that require high degrees of stopping accuracy. Industrial Clutch CBH combination clutch-bakes are oil immersed units with a spring-set brake and hydraulically-set clutch. Hydraulic actuation and precise control of piston stroke contributes to an extremely fast response time. Actuation volumes are very small and the fluid’s virtually incompressible characteristics means that piston motion times can be as low as 5-10 milliseconds. Torque range – 30,000 to 90,000 lb-in (Clutch), 10,000 to 20,000 lb-in (Brake) Typical applications – Turret Punch Presses

CCB – Clutch/Brake Combination

Clutch Engineering offers Wichita Clutch/Brake Combination (CCB) units, for use with applications such as stamping presses, can making equipment, metal forming equipment, and other industrial machinery. These high-quality CCB units are compact assemblies that combine a high-performance clutch and spring set brake to provide fast and smooth cycling for various industrial needs. An air tube is used to actuate both the single plate clutch and the single plate brake. The Wichita Combination Clutch-Brake can reliably function for the cycling needs of your equipment in a range of applications. The simple Wichita air tube concept combines an air actuated clutch and a spring-set brake in a compact disc design. Torque range –23,000 to 540,600 lb-in (Clutch), 4,500 to 258,400 lb-in (Brake) Typical applications – Stamping Presses, Can Making Equipment

CH Series Clutches and Brakes

Clutch Engineering offers Logan CH clutches and brakes, with options for convenient self-lubrication. These products can be air or hydraulically actuated and can be used for either wet or dry operation. Type CH clutches are also approved by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). When using these parts, pressurizing the actuating cylinder causes the clutch’s discs to clamp. Torque is then transferred from the disc pack to the splined drive ring. These products can feature self-lubricating seals that help to reduce downtime and decrease costs. The cylinder housing for these products also feature enhanced corrosion resistance. Torque range: 49,000 to 1,280,000 lb-in (5,532 to 144,000 Nm) Typical applications: Marine propulsion, mooring winches, mine hoisting equipment, mining conveyors

CU/CX Disc Brakes

Clutch Engineering offers Johnson CU and CX Series DC magnetic disc brakes for use with applications such as cranes, conveyors, oil mill machinery, and key nuclear power machinery. These are great disc break solutions for many critical braking applications. They are dust and drip protected, and the terminal box uses an IP55 enclosure that helps to resist various dirt particles and moisture. They are used for service duty (CU) or emergency stop duty (CX). Braking force: 809 to 50,600 lb (3.6 to 225 kN) Typical applications: Cranes, conveyors, mining, steel mill machinery, nuclear power, oil field machinery

DBA Brakes

Eaton Airflex DBA disc brakes are available from Clutch Engineering, for use with mechanical equipment such as can-making machines, draglines, power shovels, conveyor systems, and other industrial applications. These DBA brakes are spring applied, to activate brake pressure quickly, even in fail-safe situations. They are released with the use of air or hydraulic pressure. The brake's large friction area allows it to absorb and dissipate high energy loads. Lining wear adjustments aren't required for single disc units, and dual disc units require only one wear adjustment over the entire life of the friction material. These disc style brakes develop equal torque in either direction of rotation. Torque and thermal capacities allow them to be used in many of the most demanding applications. Torque range: 176,700 to 339,000 lb-in (20,000 to 38,400 Nm) Typical applications: Can-making machines, draglines, power shovels, conveyors, power presses

DBB Brakes

Available from Clutch Engineering, these high-quality Eaton’s DBB disc brakes are often used with bottling equipment, conveyor systems, and shears. They feature a wide range for compatibility and each unit is spring applied. Units can also be released with the use of air, or hydraulic pressure. The low inertia of relevant rotating components makes the DBB ideal for cyclic applications. These spring-applied, pressure released, disc style brakes develop equal torque in either direction of rotation. Built-in torque and thermal capacities allow them to be used in many demanding applications. Torque range: 7,500 to 1,470,000 lb-in (847 to 166,101 Nm) Typical applications: Bottling equipment, conveyors, shears

DC Clutches and Brakes

The Eaton Airflex type DC element is available from Clutch Engineering for use with power presses, tension brakes, and other applications. These DC clutches and brakes are smaller than most other type clutches with comparable torque ratings. These products have a low inertia and they are pressure actuated and spring released. External springs ensure positive disengagement for these units. When in use, pressurizing the cylinder causes the piston to clamp the friction disc assemblies between clamping plates. Torque range: 10,500 to 2,240,000 lb-in (1,190 to 252,900 Nm) Typical applications: Power presses, tension brakes, unwind stands

Disc-O-Torque Clutch

Offered by Clutch Engineering, TB Wood's Disc-O-Torque friction disc clutches have the ability to function wet or dry, which gives your more options for your mechanical systems. These high-quality clutch products are available with hydraulic or pneumatic actuation. Standard D5 versions of this part are provided with a separate inlet for lubricating oil, to provide a continuous oil flow to the bearings. The have high torque density, long life, and are they are also self-contained. Torque range: 50 to 1,776 lb-ft (67 to 2,407 Nm) Typical applications: Machine tools, conveyors, pumps

FHB Brakes

Clutch Engineering offers Eaton Airflex's FHB brakes for applications such as dragline hoist systems, drag, and swing applications, as well as other use cases. These high-quality products use a patented floating housing design instead of a typical floating rotor design. These brakes are particularly well suited for heavy-duty industrial applications like those found in surface mining and oilfield machinery. FHB brakes are air-cooled disc brakes that are spring applied and pressure released. Benefits include the ability to quickly change the friction pads reduces down time on dragline from 3 hours to 1 hour and a reduced maintenance cost with elimination of spline tooth or gear wear. Torque range: 288,000 to 432,900 lb-in (32,540 to 48,918 Nm) Typical applications: Dragline hoist, drag, swing, and propel/walk

HC Clutch

The compact size of the HC Clutch makes these units perfect for incorporation within a gear housing. Clutch Engineering offers these Wichita HC clutches, which are oil-immersed clutches designed for end-shaft or through shaft mounting configuration. All torque transmitting members are designed to perform for continuous heavy duty industrial operation. All units incorporate provisions for forced oil cooling allowing high energy engagements to be made without causing thermal distress within the disc pack. Cooling oil is introduced into the clutch from an external supply. This oil enters the unit through axial holes located in the shaft. Torque range – 8,511 to 191,028 lb-ft (11,540 to 259,000 Nm) Typical applications – Marine Gears, Winch Drives and Conveyors

High Torque Clutches

Clutch Engineering offers Wichita High Torque Clutches (HTC) for various end-shaft mounting needs. Impressively, Wichita High Torque Clutches provide the highest torque to size ratio of all Wichita clutches. This can be invaluable for use in mechanical systems that have demanding performance standards and limited space for the integration of component parts. These products are specially designed for end-shaft mounting onto a bearing supported flywheel or gear wheel. They provide smooth controlled starts and stops and are designed to achieve minimum power loss due to low rotating inertia. Torque range – 800 to 7,080,000 lb-in (90 to 799,910 Nm) Typical applications – Presses, Shears, Bulk Material Handling and General Industrial Equipment

LKB Brakes

These Industrial Clutch LKB brakes feature high-quality non-asbestos lining materials. In these products offered by Clutch Engineering, maximum areas ensure excellent heat dissipation, uniform stopping distances, and long lining life. Industrial Clutch LKB brakes are spring-set, and air or hydraulically released. This design offers a wide range of torque capacities and release pressures, with total attention given to maximizing ventilation for dissipating large thermal loads. Longest possible spline length is incorporated on the brake discs to maximize the load-carrying capacity. Additional benefits include stable friction coefficients and lower maintenance costs. Torque range – 4,500 to 1,360,000 lb-in (508 to 153,659 Nm) Typical applications – – Presses, Shears, Bulk Material Handling and General Industrial Equipment

Low Inertia Clutches and Brakes

Clutch Engineering offers Wichita Low Inertia clutches and brakes, for applications that include presses, shears, and other industrial equipment. These clutch and brake parts are air applied, spring released disc style units that give you more control over your braking pressure. When in use, these products develop torque proportional to the air pressure applied. The units are also designed to be free from effects of centrifugal force and self-energization. Low inertia start/stop parts reduce the acceleration times of each unit, which allows you to benefit from more cycles per minute, as well as a reduction in heat generation. Wichita Clutches engage smoothly and quietly, without shock or impact.  They are also able to utilize their spring release construction to release completely in a fraction of a second. Extremely fast action is also possible because of the small volume of air required for these high-quality clutches and brakes. Torque range – 3,160 to 17,850,000 lb-in (340 to 1,204,000 Nm) Typical applications – Presses, Shears, Bulk Material Handling and General Industrial Equipment

Lutex LKB Clutch/Brake

Available from Clutch Engineering, the Desch Lutex LKB combination clutch/brake (C-B-C) is compatible with many systems that require braking functionality, including industrial presses and shears. This brake is spring applied, and when sufficient air pressure is applied, the brake disengages, engaging the clutch. The LKB series is able to cover most standard clutch/brake mounting arrangements. This clutch/brake has a low moment of inertia and a compact design for integration into machinery that can have tight space limitations. The brake disc is mounted on the press/machine frame whilst the clutch disc is mounting on the flywheel. The piston is mounted on the hub and is free to move axially between the hub and the cylinder. Contact our team at Clutch Engineering with any product or purchasing questions. Clutch torque: 184 to 84,820 lb-ft (250 to 115,000 Nm) Brake torque: 103 to 47,941 lb-ft (140 to 65,000 Nm) Typical applications: Presses, shears

Meslu Clutches

Available from Clutch Engineering, these American Vulkan Meslu clutches can be used for dredge pumps, marine drives, auxiliary drives, and other mechanical systems. These well-designed clutches are dry-running, pneumatically actuated, and feature a double-cone construction. In these products, friction lining wear is automatically compensated for, better providing you with an ideal clutch solution. They also operate free of backlash and do not produce any axial load. The electrical part comprises the Monitoring Device. This device is able to detect clutch slippage and monitor the twist angle of the highly flexible coupling in order to protect the drive train. Torque range: 5,900 to 232,332 lb-ft (8 to 315 kNm) Typical applications: Dredge pumps, marine drives, auxiliary drives

PDC Clutch

Clutch Engineering provides the The Eaton Airflex Pneumatic Disc Clutch for use in mechanical applications such as dredging systems, recycling and shredding systems, and logging equipment. This clutch product has a simple design that uses a specialized air tube to actuate the clutch's plates, giving you increased control over your braking. The product achieves low friction wear, reduced heat generation, and easy maintenance. These features create a reliable solution for maintaining critical aspects of your machinery. The Airflex Pneumatic Disc Clutch (PDC) provides a durable, trouble-free design to maximize uptime at a fraction of the cost of common disc clutches. Torque range: 65,000 to 843,000 lb-in (7,345 to 95,254 Nm) Typical applications: Drawworks, dredging, recycling/shredding, logging equipment

Planox PP Clutch

Clutch Engineering offers Desch Planox PP clutches for use with construction machinery, marine drives, energy generation systems, and other industrial applications. These clutches are pneumatically actuated and compatible with a wide range of applications. The construction of these clutches is simple, maintenance-free, and sturdy. PP clutches have a positive history of performance in applications with high engaging and disengaging frequency. These clutches also permit rapid acceleration of driven machines or machinery groups, and they achieve reliable torque transmission. Torque range: 95 to 59,521 lb-ft (130 to 80,700 Nm) Typical applications: Construction machinery, marine drives, energy generation, extruders

Servox Brake

Available from Clutch Engineering, the Desch Servox brake is a highly-reliable braking system that can be used as a fail-safe device in mechanical applications. This brake is spring applied and hydraulically released, which gives you options for engaging the braking mechanism in the absence of hydraulic pressure. It's usually used as a static holding brake, but can function as a dynamic safety brake in particular situations. The outer diameter is the same as competitive brakes, while it also features a different length. This product has low inner mass moment of inertia and is free of friction corrosion. Torque range: 8,113 to 22,126 lb-ft (11,000 to 30,000 Nm) Typical applications: Presses

Spring Set Brakes

Clutch Engineering offers Wichita Clutch Spring Set Brakes (SSB) that are used for enhanced safety in industrial environments and for the protection of various mechanical systems. Wichita Spring-Set Air Release Brakes are ideal for fail-safe protection of process equipment. These spring set brakes are similar to the available Low Inertia units, and they are also specially designed to avoid the effects of centrifugal force and self-energization that other products can face. Using low inertia start/stop parts reduces acceleration times, which leads to more cycles per minute and also reduces generated heat. Constructed of high strength cast iron, this improved design has thick friction discs for longer wear life. The fast acting airtube design also assures quick, smooth stops. Torque range – 451 to 5,355,000 lb-in (51 to 605,016 Nm) Typical applications – Presses, Shears, Bulk Material Handling and General Industrial Equipment

Standard Vent Clutch

Available from Clutch Engineering, these Wichita Clutch Standard Vent clutches are perfect for large inertia loads where smooth controlled starts are needed. The simple air-tube design of these clutches features a small air volume construction. It also accelerates engagement and disengagement. These well-made products are designed for reliable in-line power transmission, across a variety of industrial use cases. The Wichita air-tube disc design combines all the best features of a disc type clutch with all the advantages of direct air engagement. It is the simplest and most trouble-free method of applying air pressure yet designed. Torque range – 7,000 to 30,955,750 lb-in (790 to 3,497,530 Nm) Typical applications – Drilling rigs, Grinding Mills

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