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Flexible Couplings

Flexible couplings from Clutch Engineering can connect misaligned shafts to efficiently transfer torque in otherwise challenging situations. Flexible coupling styles offered by Clutch Engineering include disc, diaphragm, jaw, gear, grid, fluid, and torsional options. We offer a complete line of specialized flexible couplings to suit many oblique angular needs. With these products, a system can reliably transmit torque between misaligned shafts at a range of speeds. This provides more options for machine placement and positioning, while maintaining a strong and durable system. We provide reliable and cost-effective couplings from respected industry names including Lovejoy, American Vulkan, Amerigear, Voith Turbo, and Renold. Our couplings include lubrication- and maintenance-free models, as well as couplings that can withstand harsh environmental factors. Our offerings also include couplings for export markets. These products are effective for a wide variety of mechanical shaft applications. Keeping in line with goals for safety and efficiency, these products keep systems running in top condition, across many industrial applications. For more details about the various flexible couplings available, please contact us directly.


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