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Grid Couplings

Grid couplings from Clutch Engineering represent a high standard of quality for flexible couplings. These specialized grid couplings are comprised of two hubs jointed by a flexible steel grid. This allows them to effectively reduce vibration and cushion shock loads. Reducing vibration in certain mechanical applications can lead to longer machine life and ultimately improve your bottom line. For additional information about grid couplings, contact our team directly.

Horizontal Split Grid Couplings

Available from Clutch Engineering, Lovejoy horizontally split grid couplings can be integrated into various systems, while allowing easy access to the grid. The gasket and seal kit consists of 2- seals and the appropriate gasket(s). These couplings are a fantastic option in many systems where parts are being installed within small and tight spaces. These advanced couplings are also able to cushion shock loads and dampen vibration by up to 30%. Couplings from size 1020 to 1090 are supplied with coupling grease. Torque range: 460 to 1,650,000 lb-in (52 to 186,417 Nm) Typical applications: Compressors, pumps, extruders, conveyors

Grid Couplings Featured Manufacturers

  • LoveJoy


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