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Friction and Wear Materials

Clutch Engineering offers an extensive line of friction and wear materials for a variety of applications. Clutch Engineering is an authorized distributor for Thordon Bearings, the leading manufacturer of non-polluting bearing system in the marine industry. These dependable materials have a low cost of ownership and are available with a wide range of mechanical properties. We stock dependable, high-performance friction and wear materials from Scan-Pac, Tribco, and Bremskerl. Products include flexible woven, flexible molded, rigid molded, and engineered polymers. Products can be custom cut and we reline obsolete friction discs, shoes, and bands upon request. For more information about the assortment of friction and wear materials available, please contact us directly.

Friction Materials

Friction Materials

Clutch Engineering offers friction materials with a wide variety of friction coefficients and wear rates. Available formulations can be purchased in flat sheets, flexible rolls, or custom shapes. We reline obsolete friction discs, shoes, and bands upon request. All friction materials we offer are non-asbestos.

Wear Materials

Wear Materials

Thordon bearings are formulated for long life while requiring no grease. These environmentally friendly materials are easy to install and maintain.

Friction and Wear Materials Featured Manufacturers

  • Scan-Pac Manufacturing


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