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Wear Materials

Clutch Engineering offers bearings made from specialty wear materials. Some of these, including Thordon bearings and other high-quality products, are formulated for long life while requiring no grease. Conversely, alternative bearing solutions can require additional lubrication and upkeep. The low-maintenance products offered by Clutch Engineering create systems that function efficiently without constant lubrication efforts. These wear materials are environmentally friendly and designed for easy installation. For more information about our wear materials, contact us directly.


Offered by Clutch Engineering, Gatke is a phenolic material from Scan-Pac. It is formulated with high-strength fabrics and long-lasting resins. Products made with this material withstand very demanding applications and Gatke products are available in a variety of shapes. Gatke bearings are lightweight and offer long wear life, which benefits your bottom line. Advanced production methods for these products are utilized to create these high quality materials and bearings for use in a wide variety of applications where friction is a key factor. Coefficients of friction: 0.2 to 0.5 Static; 0.1 to 0.3 Dynamic Typical applications: Steel and aluminum rolling mills, paper and pulp mills, marine winches, railroad and commuter rail

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