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Scan-Pac Manufacturing

Clutch Engineering is an authorized distributor of Scan-Pac Manufacturing industrial power transmission products. We are proud to feature high-quality friction and wear materials from Scan-Pac. Additionally, our experienced application engineers are equipped to work with you to determine the compatibility that each product will have with your system. Clutch Engineering keeps a readily accessible inventory for many of these asbestos-free products to quickly respond to new product orders. Available products are designed to meet and exceed industrial needs, to deliver impressive results and high degrees of accuracy. These solutions are manufactured to meet key requirements, making them ready for a broad range of industrial applications. For high friction environments and other use cases, these are products are compatible with various critical systems.

Scan-Pac Mfg., Inc. is recognized as the industry leader in the development and manufacturing of many organic friction products (rigid molded, flexible molded, woven) as well as phenolic bearings (Gatke) and laminates. Their strength comes from offering a broad array of formulations that can be molded or machined into any dimensional configuration, as well as comprehensive technical support regarding motion control processes. Having pioneered the development of non-asbestos friction material, they have created hundreds of specialized compounds, variations of which are available as solutions to your specific needs.

Scan-Pac products can be found in industrial clutches and brakes, winches, PTO’s, punch presses, cranes, and anywhere else high-quality friction products are needed. Their wide variety of formulations makes Scan-Pac the full-range source for your friction, bearing and wear applications. Clutch Engineering can provide sheets, rolls, and custom finished shapes to meet the demands of your application. For additional information about these products and their applications, contact our team directly.

Flexible Woven

Scan-Pac’s woven friction materials are available from Clutch Engineering. These high-performance materials are flexible and available in a variety of widths and thicknesses. Available materials are free of asbestos and they provide a consistent high friction level and good wear rate. Notable on the test curve are the consistent friction levels and the excellent fade resistance of these products. Green Gripper Woven (GGW) is an example of a versatile material meant for rough industrial applications. GGW can be used on wet dry band brakes for industrial use where medium to high friction is required. Gemini Woven is a more affordable option that doesn’t sacrifice performance.

Coefficients of friction: 0.50 to 0.51
Typical applications: Industrial brakes and clutches, winches, elevators, commercial fishing boats

Flexible Molded

Scan-Pac 230AF and 232AF flexible molded sheeter lining products are available from Clutch Engineering. They are recommended for various light to medium duty clutch and brake applications. These materials are made through the use of advanced, modern production techniques. Green Gripper Aramid (GGA) has a high aramid content, which allows it to be used for demanding tensioning applications. GGA contains no metal, giving it low abrasion. When applications are at their most demanding, high-quality products are more critical than ever. GGA is flexible when uncured, and rigid when cured. 230AF (a rigid molded sheeter lining in the medium friction range) is available in virtually every drum diameter and shape required.

Coefficients of friction: 0.27 to 0.48
Typical applications: Industrial clutches and brakes, unwind and rewind stands, tensioning units

Rigid Molded

Clutch Engineering provides a selection of rigid molded friction materials from Scan-Pac. These materials are greatly resistant to the negative effects of friction and the heat that is generated in high-friction environments. Scan-Pac offers products a variety of products, such as flat sheets, molded brake blocks, and custom molded parts. Between the RF and Gemini series, Clutch Engineering can help identify ideal rigid molded materials to fit your needs. RF 11 is a Non-Asbestos, Non-Metallic, ultra low friction rigid molded material. In fact, all Scan-Pac materials are completely asbestos-free. This product has exceptional dimensional stability and friction characteristics. RF 11 is non-corrosive, smooth, nonabrasive and helps to curb interface temperatures on brakes. It can be molded into wide range of shapes and sizes to satisfy the friction material needs of niche and common industrial applications.

Coefficients of friction: 0.11 to 0.63
Typical applications: Industrial brakes, punch presses, PTO’s, overhead cranes


Offered by Clutch Engineering, Gatke is a phenolic material from Scan-Pac. It is formulated with high-strength fabrics and long-lasting resins. Products made with this material withstand very demanding applications and Gatke products are available in a variety of shapes. Gatke bearings are lightweight and offer long wear life, which benefits your bottom line. Advanced production methods for these products are utilized to create these high quality materials and bearings for use in a wide variety of applications where friction is a key factor.

Coefficients of friction: 0.2 to 0.5 Static; 0.1 to 0.3 Dynamic
Typical applications: Steel and aluminum rolling mills, paper and pulp mills, marine winches, railroad and commuter rail


Scan-Pac sintered friction products from Clutch Engineering are manufactured to perform in applications where high energy dynamic stopping can produce extreme heat. When high concentrations of metallic fibers are present, good thermal conductivity can be achieved. SF001 is a Sintered friction material, suitable for use in Medium Friction applications in a wide variety of equipments. Custom shapes, sizes, and formulations are available to best suit your application.

Coefficients of friction: 0.39
Typical applications: Agricultural machinery, construction machinery, aircraft


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