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Eaton Airflex

Clutch Engineering is an authorized Eaton Airflex distributor, which gives you access to a suite of high-quality parts that you can rely on. We are a rebuild center that specializes in the distribution of industrial power transmission products, and we offer individualized application engineering support to inform highly technical considerations. We are proud to feature drum, water-cooled, and air-cooled clutches and brakes from Eaton Airflex. Clutch Engineering stocks genuine parts and units to be able to quickly respond to customer’s requirements. Our application engineers are prepared to make product recommendations that will best suit your needs. For their main product offerings, Eaton Airflex has developed four different models of water-cooled brakes in a variety of sizes. They also provide air-cooled disc clutches and brakes that are designed to excel in a wide range of applications. For emergency breaking applications, highly-effective drum brakes are available that are engineered to automatically engage in the event of air pressure or power loss.

Eaton Airflex clutches and brakes show principles of classic design: superior performance, long life and high quality. For over 40 years, they have been offering superior drivetrain products by continuously adapting and innovating their products to meet industry requirements. They offer a range of Drum Style (Type CB & VC), Air Cooled (Type DBA and DBB), and Water Cooled (WCB2 and WCB3) clutches and brakes.

Clutches and brakes from Eaton Airflex are suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications. Whether it be drawworks and mooring systems in the oil & gas industry, grinding mills and draglines in the mining industry, propulsion clutches and shaft brakes in the marine industry or stamping presses and rolling mills in the metalworking industry, Clutch Engineering can provide dependable, long-lasting units for the most severe industrial applications. Contact our team for these and other high-quality parts.

CB Clutches and Brakes

Available from Clutch Engineering, the Eaton Airflex CB element assembly is useful for integrating with metal forming equipment, printing systems, oil and gas equipment, and rubber processing plants. The product is air-actuated, with an integrated neoprene rubber air tube that provides the necessary clamping force. The torque lever arm is the drum radius, not a reduced radius as occurs in plate clutches. There are friction shoes mounted on the tube’s inside diameter, and they engage around a cylindrical drum when in operation. In this design, the neoprene rubber air tube is bonded to the outer steel rim. Airflex constricting elements concentrate the frictional force on the outside drum diameter, which functions to achieve maximum torque. Not only is the force generated at the optimum radius, it is also applied uniformly around the drum circumference.

Torque range: 360 to 260,000 lb-in (41 to 29,400 Nm)
Typical applications: Metal forming, printing, oil and gas, rubber processing

VC Clutches and Brakes

Available form Clutch Engineering, the Eaton Airflex VC element assembly is often used for grinding mills, marine propulsion systems, and metal forming machinery. This high-quality clutch and brake product is an air-actuated constricting drum unit. The VC’s ventilated design and construction allows for the rapid dissipation of heat that can be generated during operation. The torque that the unit experiences is carried by torque bars, and leaf springs function to retract the friction shoes when air pressure is released. Due to this construction, all components are conveniently available as replacement parts when refurbishing the unit. The type VC element assembly is specifically constructed for severe clutch or brake applications. These include applications in which large inertia loads and sustained slippage would otherwise result in a loss of torque and a reduced operating life.

Torque range: 27,000 to 3,660,000 lb-in (3,050 to 413,057 Nm)
Typical applications: Grinding mills, marine propulsion, metal forming machinery

Water-Cooled Clutches and Brakes

Offered by Clutch Engineering, these Eaton Airflex water-cooled brakes can be integrated into paper mills, drawworks, winches, mooring systems, and many other mechanical systems. These well-made products are disc type, and each unit is externally cooled. These water-cooled clutches and brakes can dissipate large amounts of heat, and they are available various models and sizes. Both spring-applied and air-applied versions of this product are available to suit your application. These are specially designed and constructed to use water to absorb and dissipate the thermal loads associated with the most severe clutch and brake uses that may occur.

Torque range: 2,700 to 2,830,000 lb-in (305 to 319,507 Nm)
Typical applications: Paper mills, drawworks, winches, mooring systems, dynamometers

DC Clutches and Brakes

The Eaton Airflex type DC element is available from Clutch Engineering for use with power presses, tension brakes, and other applications. These DC clutches and brakes are smaller than most other type clutches with comparable torque ratings. These products have a low inertia and they are pressure actuated and spring released. External springs ensure positive disengagement for these units. When in use, pressurizing the cylinder causes the piston to clamp the friction disc assemblies between clamping plates.

Torque range: 10,500 to 2,240,000 lb-in (1,190 to 252,900 Nm)
Typical applications: Power presses, tension brakes, unwind stands

DBA Brakes

Eaton Airflex DBA disc brakes are available from Clutch Engineering, for use with mechanical equipment such as can-making machines, draglines, power shovels, conveyor systems, and other industrial applications. These DBA brakes are spring applied, to activate brake pressure quickly, even in fail-safe situations. They are released with the use of air or hydraulic pressure. The brake’s large friction area allows it to absorb and dissipate high energy loads. Lining wear adjustments aren’t required for single disc units, and dual disc units require only one wear adjustment over the entire life of the friction material. These disc style brakes develop equal torque in either direction of rotation. Torque and thermal capacities allow them to be used in many of the most demanding applications.

Torque range: 176,700 to 339,000 lb-in (20,000 to 38,400 Nm)
Typical applications: Can-making machines, draglines, power shovels, conveyors, power presses

DBB Brakes

Available from Clutch Engineering, these high-quality Eaton’s DBB disc brakes are often used with bottling equipment, conveyor systems, and shears. They feature a wide range for compatibility and each unit is spring applied. Units can also be released with the use of air, or hydraulic pressure. The low inertia of relevant rotating components makes the DBB ideal for cyclic applications. These spring-applied, pressure released, disc style brakes develop equal torque in either direction of rotation. Built-in torque and thermal capacities allow them to be used in many demanding applications.

Torque range: 7,500 to 1,470,000 lb-in (847 to 166,101 Nm)
Typical applications: Bottling equipment, conveyors, shears


Clutch Engineering offers rotorseals from Eaton Airflex. These advanced rotorseals allow air or hydrolic fluids to be transferred from a stationary supply to a rotating shaft. The compatible air or fluids can be used to control clutches and brakes, lubrication, or cooling oil. For these products, the rotating seal is created and maintained by a non-metallic sealing ring, positioned tightly against the rotorseal shaft by a light spring force. The sealing ring is designed so that media pressure acts on both of its ends to minimize the force on the sealing surface. Rotorseals are available with single, dual, and triple passages to suit your specific mechanical needs.

Quick Release Valves

Clutch Engineering offers Eaton Airflex quick release valves (QRV) as a high-quality valve solution for many use cases. These products are three-way valves that are designed to allow for a faster exhaust of air out of your brake or clutch. This increase in the speed of air flow can enable faster cyclic rates and reduce any overlap between clutches and brakes. Optional muffler attachments are also available, for effectively reducing the exhaust noise of a system. Four basic valve sizes are available for these quick release valves. These are identified by the American National Pipe Thread on the cylinder port: 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″ NPT. Models are also available with inlet ports that are compatible with pipe or tubing connections.

FHB Brakes

Clutch Engineering offers Eaton Airflex’s FHB brakes for applications such as dragline hoist systems, drag, and swing applications, as well as other use cases. These high-quality products use a patented floating housing design instead of a typical floating rotor design. These brakes are particularly well suited for heavy-duty industrial applications like those found in surface mining and oilfield machinery. FHB brakes are air-cooled disc brakes that are spring applied and pressure released. Benefits include the ability to quickly change the friction pads reduces down time on dragline from 3 hours to 1 hour and a reduced maintenance cost with elimination of spline tooth or gear wear.

Torque range: 288,000 to 432,900 lb-in (32,540 to 48,918 Nm)
Typical applications: Dragline hoist, drag, swing, and propel/walk

E Clutches and Brakes

Offered by Clutch Engineering, the Eaton Airflex type E element assembly is used for construction equipment, marine winches, metalworking machinery, and other industrial applications. This brake is designed to actuate by applying air to an expanding air bladder. Integrated leaf springs are used to resist centrifugal forces and make sure that the friction shoes disengage. To operate effectively, Airflex expanding elements concentrate the frictional force on the inside drum diameter. With this method, this product achieve maximum torque. The torque lever arm is the drum radius, not a reduced radius as occurs in plate clutches. Additionally, not only is the force generated at the optimum radius, but it is also applied uniformly around the drum circumference.

Torque range: 11,300 to 225,000 lb-in (1,280 to 25,400 Nm)
Typical applications: Construction equipment, marine winches, metalworking

VE Clutches and Brakes

Available from Clutch Engineering, the Eaton Airflex type VE element assembly is compatible with many mechanical applications, including construction equipment systems, maring winches, metalworking systems, and others. This product is air actuated and it uses a rubber air tube as a part of its construction. The VE has an open design which allows better air flow to help cool the unit when it is in use. To operate, Airflex expanding elements concentrate the frictional force on the inside drum diameter thereby achieving maximum torque. The torque lever arm is the drum radius, not a reduced radius as occurs in plate clutches.

Torque range: 25,500 to 58,500 lb-in (2,880 to 6,610 Nm)
Typical applications: Construction equipment, marine winches, metalworking

CBC Clutch/Brake Combination

Clutch Engineering offers the Eaton CBC, for use with various mechanical applications such as punching machines, printing machines, presses, and other industrial equipment. This clutch/brake combination features a compact design that can effectively apply braking pressure to moving equipment within for your critical operations. This particular product combines an air actuated disc clutch and a spring applied disc brake. Due to the CBC’s simple design, over lapping is not able occur between clutching and braking, giving you a better optimized product solution. This, combined with its high thermal capacity and low air consumption, makes this clutch/brake product ideal for a great variety of high speed, high cyclic, and heavy-duty industrial applications.

Dynamic brake torque range: 10,900 to 135,000 lb-in (1,231 to 15,253 Nm)
Static clutch torque range: 18,700 to 290,000 lb-in (2,113 to 32,765 Nm)
Typical applications: Punching machines, printing machines, shears, stamping and forming presses

CS and CSA Drum Brakes

Available from Clutch Engineering, the Eaton model CS and CSA brakes are used for conveyor systems, draglines, hoists, stamping presses, and other mechanical systems. These products are well-made spring set, air released brakes. The spring applied braking capability, combined with their responsiveness, makes them a great fit for many emergency braking applications. These specially designed brakes are unidirectional, meaning their braking torque is greatly reduced in the reverse direction. The spring applied brakes automatically engage upon loss of release pressure, for the enhanced safety of your mechanical systems. Automatic engagement and a low releasing volume requirement creates a very responsive brake that provides maximum operator and equipment protection.

Torque range: 3,000 to 27,000 lb-in (339 to 3,050 Nm)
Typical applications: Conveyors, draglines, hoists, stamping presses

PDC Clutch

Clutch Engineering provides the The Eaton Airflex Pneumatic Disc Clutch for use in mechanical applications such as dredging systems, recycling and shredding systems, and logging equipment. This clutch product has a simple design that uses a specialized air tube to actuate the clutch’s plates, giving you increased control over your braking. The product achieves low friction wear, reduced heat generation, and easy maintenance. These features create a reliable solution for maintaining critical aspects of your machinery. The Airflex Pneumatic Disc Clutch (PDC) provides a durable, trouble-free design to maximize uptime at a fraction of the cost of common disc clutches.

Torque range: 65,000 to 843,000 lb-in (7,345 to 95,254 Nm)
Typical applications: Drawworks, dredging, recycling/shredding, logging equipment

Torque Limiting Coupling

Available from Clutch Engineering, these Eaton Airflex’s Torque Limiting Coupling (TLC) is designed specifically for use in grinding mills of various sizes and capacities. This product is able to protect your grinding mill’s driveline from overloads, which can be a critical part of your overall system safety. As an added benefit, the TLC is reset instantaneously, which reduces equipment downtime. This is a marked improvement on most conventional torque limiting systems. Slip detection control monitors the system and will automatically disengage the TLC if necessary. Experience the benefits of continuously torque monitoring to prevent overload of the motor and damage to costly equipment. When this solution resets and restarts instantaneously, this delivers maximum uptime for your mill operation, which further supports your bottom line.

Slip torque range: 3,400,000 to 11,700,000 lb-in (384,148  to 1,321,922 Nm)
Typical application: Grinding mills

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