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Clutch Engineering is an authorized distributor for Kobelt Manufacturing. We specializes in the distribution of industrial power transmission products, and our comprehensive product includes some of the high-quality products offered by Kobelt Manufacturing. We are proud to feature controls, steering systems, and caliper brakes from Kobelt. Each of these products have been created with particular applications in mind, and they are reliable examples of modern manufacturing capabilities. Many considerations are included in the construction of specialized parts to ensure that integrated use of equipment will achieve the desired results. Bronze and stainless steel construction is utilized to provide reliability and durability.

Kobelt traces its origins back to 1962 and has a factory that is capable of casting parts in an automated foundry, processing parts on an array of CNC machinery, and assembling sophisticated products and systems of all shapes and sizes. They create solutions for guiding and controlling movement for vehicles, vessels, and a variety of machinery. Their vertical integration allows them to respond to customer needs in a timely fashion. Clutch Engineering can provide hydraulic and air actuated caliper disc brakes (5000 Series); direct acting caliper disc brakes (5300 series); electronic, pneumatic, and push-pull controls; and electric and hydraulic steering systems. These mechanical solutions are designed to perform and built to last. When looking for reliable mechanical solutions, Kobelt products are a proven choice for quality controls, brakes, and other systems.

Whether propulsion controls and steering systems in the marine industry or an industrial disk brake systems used in the oil & gas, mining, forestry, and material handling industries, Kobelt products are built to last.

Air Caliper Disc Brake

Clutch Engineering offers Kobelt air disc brakes as a rugged and durable air caliper disc brake solutions. These products give dependable control in either air- applied or released designs. The brakes will last in the harshest conditions, due to their construction of bronze and stainless steel. In these products, low pressure actuators with large areas are used to apply the force against a mechanical lever, multiplying the brake application forces with a lever ratio of approximately 3.6:1 and up to 5:1. Easy maintenance is a focal point of the design. This helps to reduce downtime.

Torque – 250 to 93,000 ft-lbs
Typical applications – Draw-works, hoists, winches, marine propulsion

Hydraulic Caliper Disc Brake

Clutch Engineering offers Kobelt hydraulic disc brakes that are both rugged and durable. Their rugged and durable construction provides solid and reliable control in air and hydraulic-applied or released designs. Built from die-cast silicone bronze and stainless steel hardware, these brakes will last in the harshest conditions. The majority of related actuators are of the low pressure type. Easy maintenance is a focal point of the design in order to minimize downtime. Even lining wear is achieved with the use of patented balancing links and the standard supplied lining does not contain asbestos.

Torque – 500 to 31,000 ft-lbs
Typical applications – Draw-works, hoists, winches, marine propulsion

Direct Acting Caliper Disc Brake

Available from Clutch Engineering, these Kobelt 5300 series disc brakes feature a number of great benefits form their precision construction. Several key features provide ease of maintenance, including a modular actuator design that uses a separable hollow rod cylinder. Brakes also have optional sintered brake pads. This option is useful for high energy applications. Optional release, wear and temperature sensors are also available. These products are ideal for emergency braking duty on draw works, hoists, conveyors and more. They are modular in design for easy installation in a variety of applications.

Braking Force – 2,450 to 90,960 lbs
Typical applications – Draw-works, hoists, winches, conveyors, marine propulsion

Caliper Discs

Clutch Engineering offers ventilated disks from Kobelt. These ventilated discs are compatible with select Kobelt caliper brakes. Multiple thicknesses and diameters have been created and these can be supplied with rough or custom bores. Additionally, Kobelt offers options for discs with included balancing and copper discs are available.

Electronic Controls

Available from Clutch Engineering, Kobelt has developed two primary electronic control systems: the Mighty Mariner Propulsion and the 6525 Electronic Propulsion. The Mighty Mariner Propulsion can accommodate up to 4 stations. The 6525 Electronic Propulsion, can be used for up to 8 stations, for when more complex control layouts are needed. Both of these systems require a combination of products, including control heads, a microprocessor unit, alarm and telegraph panels actuators and other components. Their line of propulsion products, control components and steering gear is among the most comprehensive in the world. They also have extensive capabilities for the custom manufacturing of steering and control solutions. For many years of corrosion-free operation, all Kobelt control components are precisely created from bronze and stainless steel.

Pneumatic Controls

Clutch Engineering offers a range of components including control heads, actuators, valves and other parts from Kobelt. Available products can be used for actuating Kobelt disc brakes as well as other industrial equipment or machinery. Kobelt specializes in components from die cast brass with stainless steel hardware. They also manufacture complete systems that can govern propulsion on marine vessels.

Push Pull Controls

Clutch Engineering offers high-performance push pull controls. These products are durable, high quality push-pull control systems that are useful in a variety of applications. Our in-house bronze die casting and precision machining make our systems long lasting and dependable in the harshest of environments. All components are made from die-cast bronze with stainless steel hardware. Kobelt push-pull systems offers control heads, cables and a variety of other parts and accessories. Kobelt provides safe and trusted solutions for a variety of control and steering systems.

Electric Steering System

Clutch Engineering offers a great electronic steering system, The 6580. This unique and useful control system gives you the power to operate twin engines electronically with included handles. You can also do this in a special back-up mode via the included touch membrane switches. This system features a specialized design, allowing for membrane switches that add more functionality to a traditional control head. Forward, neutral and reverse switches allow for operation of the gearbox without moving the handles. This allows the standard 4 switches to be used for station select, lock, throttle override and engine sync. The 6580R Diamond Head Control is conveniently compatible with the popular Kobelt Mighty Mariner System.

Hydraulic Steering System

Clutch Engineering provides advanced hydraulic steering system solutions. These steering systems are designed to meet the particular needs of many customers, including avid sailors, for many types of vessels. The 7003 variable delivery helm pump is made primarily of bronze and stainless steel, is watertight and has adjustable output flow. The helm pump is capable of 1 to 3 cubic inches of displacement per turn, and is available with a front mounting plate option.

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