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Power Take Off (PTO) Clutches

Power Take Off (PTO) clutch designs are available for both in-line and side load applications. These products are available through Clutch Engineering. Each item is  made to mate directly to the flywheel of your diesel or gasoline engine. Different clutches can be engaged via air, hydraulics, electricity, or manually. These options in compatibility give you enhanced flexibility when choosing your ideal clutch equipment and components.

Bell Housing Power Take Offs (PTO)

Logan Self-Adjusting Bell Housing PTO Clutches are built for dry operation and higher horsepower, speeds, torque ranges and actuation pressures to suit your needs. Logan’s effective design for bell housing clutches eliminates mechanical linkages, hand levers, and yokes. They can also be mounted directly onto the flywheel of a diesel or gasoline engine. These Self-Adjusting Bell Housing PTO Clutches are available with or without pilot bearings and additional modified configurations are available to meet your unique requirements. Torque range: 1,908 to 89,676 lb-in (216 to 10,133 Nm) Typical applications: Industrial drives/gensets, mobile equipment, marine propulsion/auxiliary drives, rock crushers

PTO Clutches

Clutch Engineering offers the Wichita Power Take-Off (PTO) clutch as a high-quality PTO clutch solution for many mechanical systems. Compatible applications for PTO clutches include barge pumps, crushers, chippers, diesel engine systems, and others. The in-line PTO design of these clutches can provide direct drive operation with side load capability. These high-quality products are also available with air or mechanical clutch engagement, to better align with your system needs. Mechanical PTOs are available with an automatically adjusting clutch, require no pilot bearing, and are ideal for vehicular flywheels. Designs are available for in-line or side load applications. It has an automatic self adjusting feature and does not require a pilot bearing. Torque range - 10,800 to 129,000 lb-in (1,220 to 14,575 Nm) Typical applications – Barge Pumps, Crushers, Chippers, Various Diesel Engine Applications

SAE Direct Drive Power Take Offs (PTO)

Logan SAE Series Power Take-off (PTO) clutches are are ideal for in-line shaft and pump pad applications. These specially designed products are air or hydraulically actuated and are self-adjusting. They are also constructed to provide smooth engagement and disengagement. SAE or ISO mounting flanges are also available, with optional shaft adapters for Dana and DIN flanges. Additional features: Self-adjusting disc pack, bore and key configurations Torque range: 2,400 to 18,000 lb-in (271 to 2,034 Nm) Typical applications: Single and multi-station pumps, mobile or stationary auxiliary drives, direct drives, winches, reels, hoists

Power Take Off (PTO) Clutches Featured Manufacturers

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