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TDI (Tech Development Inc.)

Clutch Engineering is an authorized distributor for Tech Development Inc (TDI). We specialize in the distribution of many industrial power transmission products that are useful across a plethora of industrial operations. We are proud to feature turbine air starters from TDI, due to their high quality and the overall benefit they add for particular mechanical systems. Clutch Engineering keeps a readily available inventory of genuine parts and units to quickly respond to customers’ requirements and fulfill product orders. In addition to our great part offerings, our Application Engineers also provide technical support. This support can assist with the product selection process, to identify which product is ideal for your particular needs. TDI has been developing a positive reputation in turbine-related industries dating back to the late 1950s. In the early 1970s, TDI design engineers applied themselves to developing an air starter for gas turbine engines, which lead them into their current form.

TDI takes their product design seriously, optimizing everything from mechanical performance, to effective sound output. These specialty products are used across many industries and positively impact processes through their reliability and high functionality. Simplicity, easy maintenance, and the ability to handle environmental factors such as large particles, dirty field gas, and contaminants were attractive characteristics of the first TDI turbine air starters. These are qualities that continue to develop to this day. Now, Tech Development is the recognized global leader in turbine air starting. Their attention to fine detail, combined with their precise mechanical standards, creates a selection of products that deliver many specialized solutions.

The top-quality turbine air starters manufactured by TDI can be found in some of the world’s harshest environments. They are featured as reliable starters for reciprocating engines in the oil & gas industry, ship & workboat markets, and mining industry. Clutch Engineering can provide reliable, efficient units for some of the most rugged applications. For additional information about these solutions and more, contact the Clutch Engineering team for a comprehensive look at how we can serve you and your mechanical needs.

T20 Turbine Air Starter

The T25 and T20 turbine air starters from TDI feature modular construction with serviceable parts. This offers users options for simple and low cost overhaul. These air starters are all made with long-lasting, high-quality, corrosion-resistant materials. They are available in standard and low pressure versions, to suit your specific needs appropriately. You will also benefit from maintenance free designs with grease-packed bearings meant for the life of the starter.  Both of these starters feature an integrated relay valve, which lowers your cost and simplifies the installation process.

Torque range: 40 to 135 lb-ft (54 to 183 Nm)

Typical applications include: Diesel and gas engines up to 15 liters such as Ford 460, Cummins 5.9, John Deere 4045, and Continental TM27

TurboTwister Turbine Air Starters

The TurboTwister air starter is TDI’s most rugged, dependable, and versatile air starter. This impressive air starter delivers a commendable weight to power ratio. The TurboTwister produces more power per unit of air than the TurboTwin design, all while having fewer moving parts. The TurboTwister air starter is compatible with a wide range of engines, which can help to reduce your overall inventory. It is contamination and vibration resistant, and this air starter is also better equipped for rough conditions due to a new solenoid design. Pound-for-pound it boasts the title of “most powerful” air starter in the entire industry. As an added benefit, the long-lasting construction of the product will further support your bottom line.

Torque range: 102 to 340 lb-ft (136 to 461 Nm)

Typical applications include: Engines up to 150 liters

T50 Turbine Air Starters

TDI T50 air starters offer the most power and torque per unit of air and represent the lightest air starter in its class, weighing as little as 34 lb. TDI T50 pre-engaged and inertia-engaged air starters are also very versatile. These mid-size starters are designed for a wide variety of engines, including those that run on diesel and gas. This product features modular construction with serviceable parts, which enables options for low cost overhaul. Conveniently, installation requires only a starter relay valve and operation within starter recommended maximum pressure.

Torque range: 80 to 240 lb-ft (108 to 325 Nm)

Typical applications include: Diesel and gas engines up to 80 liters such as Caterpillar 3500 series, Cummins KTA50 and QSK45, and Detroit Diesel 16V4000

TurboStartTwo Turbine Air Starters

For TurboStartTwo air starters, TDI’s vane-less motor design eliminates swelling, freezing, sticking, breaking or wearing of vanes. The TDI TurboStartTwo is an Integral Start System that includes useful features such as a powerful air motor, built-in controls with pre-programmed safeguard logic, and a flow-match relay valve. Additionally this system is equipped with an electric solenoid, an integral muffler, both pilot air control lines/fittings, and a simple plug-in interface to your engine control. The TurboStartTwo even has an emergency manual bypass provision that allows you to start only on air, if the need arises. TDI’s exclusive open air path turbine motor tolerates moisture and contaminants better than other starters. To top everything off, maintenance is made simple by removing the need for starter lubricators.

Torque range: Up to 325 lb-ft (440 Nm)

Typical applications include: Engines from 20-150 liters such as Caterpillar C32 and Wärtsilä W200

T30 Turbine Air Starters

The T30 can impressively generate up to 25% more stall torque than other starters in its class. Its highly efficient twin-turbine motor design is able to give gives you more cranking power with less air. This capability enables faster starts, adding to the overall performance of the product. The T30 uses aerodynamics to control motor speed, which contrasts other starters that may require a mechanical automatic trip valve (ATV). This gives you total control over the start cycle. For this product, the gear train and bearings require no maintenance because they are grease-packed as a part of initial production. This solution is designed to last for the life of the starter. There are no rubbing parts included in the product design, so there is no external lubrication required. This air starter is available in a pre-engaged or inertia-engaged model.

Torque range: 24 to 135 lb-ft (32 to 183 Nm)

Typical applications include: Diesel and gas engines up to 20 liters such as Cummins 6BT5.9

TurboFlow Air Regulators

Clutch Engineering offers the TDI TurboFlow air regulator. This TurboFlow Air Regulator enables the possibility of using smaller air tanks, for space saving benefits on marine vessels, generation sets, or other tight space applications. This product minimizes the pressure drop to the starter “in a dynamic manner” under various high flow conditions. That’s how the high Cv factor on the TurboFlow makes more useable air pressure available in the tank. This translates to greater air flow delivered to the air starter motor, even at low pressures. It also means more starts on a fixed air volume. Lower stored air pressures reduce stress on compressors which leads to longer uninterrupted service and additional benefits to your bottom line. Longer uptime is an improvement to system reliability.

Operating range: 50 to 580 psig (3.5 to 40 BAR)

TurboValve Air or Control Valves

TDI’s TurboValve, available from Clutch Engineering, has a high flow capacity. Included high flow capacity reduces pressure drop through the valve, which is appropriate for many installation needs. These control valves are useful in a large variety of situations. They are constructed to be a versatile, pilot-operated starting air or control relay valve used for the installation of TurboTwin air starters. For allowing air to access the relay valve via the APP, electricity is applied to the solenoid valve. An auxiliary port provides a useful point for accessing the pressure at the supply (IN port) … using it for indication, control or pilot actuation.

Direct replacement for Sealco Models 10900, 11900, 14900, 110250 and Ingersol Rand SRV125 and SRV150 relay valves.

TurboGuard Smart Starters

TDI’s TurboGuard is a very useful product that can sense the possibility of foreign substances that can harm your equipment. This great product from Clutch Engineering instantly detects the presence of fluids or other harmful obstructions in the cylinders during the start sequence. Hydrolock damage can typically occur when an engine is started with coolant in a cylinder. This can be an issue for marine vessels and rarely used engines as well. If an issue is detected, the starter proceeds to automatically shut down the starting process before damage occurs. These important detection and safety capabilities provide the protection you need against the occurrence of hydrolock engine damage. The issue of hydrolock is not a new discovery. In fact, this problem has been causing issues for engine manufacturers for many years. After testing the TurboGuard system on their own laboratory engines and seeing its incredibly quick responsiveness, TurboGuard was then tested with a larger group of laboratories. This group was comprised of engine manufacturers’ laboratories located around the world. The test results proved 100% positive at every location.

Typical applications include: workboats and marine engines, engines with long periods between starts, engines with remote starts

T25 Turbine Air Starter

TDI’s T25 and T20 turbine air starters use a high horsepower turbine air motor combined with a planetary gear speed reducer. This effective combination results in a very efficient and reliable unit. Each starter is built using corrosion-resistant materials that are high-quality and made meant to last. As a standard, low pressure versions are available to meet your needs. Both starters include an integrated relay valve, which serves to simplify installations while reducing your cost. An added feature of these innovative starters is that no external lubrication is required. This useful attribute is made possible due to the absence of rubbing parts.

Torque range: 40 to 135 lb-ft (54 to 183 Nm)

Typical applications include: Diesel and gas engines up to 15 liters such as Ford 460, Cummins 5.9, John Deere 4045, and Continental TM27.

56 Series Turbine Air Starters

Highly reliable TDI TurboStart 56 series air starters provide air starting functionality to gas turbine engines, drives, and marine applications. Additionally, the Model 56A starter includes a specially designed TDI low mass turbine rotor that can fracture in a highly controlled and low-risk manner in the event of a starter over-speeding. Air starters within the TDI 56 series are notably less expensive than less than most competitive products, due in part to simple and efficient designs. More reliable than three-point clutch alternatives, specialized air starters feature an innovative 22-point sprag clutch design.

Torque range: 55 to 520 lb-ft (74 to 705 Nm)

Typical applications: Gas turbine engines for electrical power generation, industrial drives, and marine propulsion applications


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