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Coupling Corporation of America

Clutch Engineering is an authorized reseller for Coupling Corporation of America (CCA). We specialize in the distribution of industrial power transmission products and offer expert advice on selecting and integrating critical mechanical parts into larger systems. We are proud to feature flexible diaphragm couplings and clamp hubs from Coupling Corporation, because we are committed to offering high-quality parts and solutions. Our Application Engineers will help identify the best solution for your application and make recommendations that will assist your decision making process. Available products are made with a focus on providing unique, durable and high-quality custom coupling solutions. These parts are specially developed for specific needs. The FLEXXOR, is an excellent example, as a solution for high-speed applications and situations with significant axial and/or angular misalignment. Precision made components work together flawlessly to integrate into you new or existing mechanical system applications. Your equipment will benefit from the use of dependable, long-lasting product solutions.


Coupling Corporation of America has produced flexible shaft couplings (Flexxor and UltraFlexx), rigid couplings, and keyless hubs (Anderson Clamp Hub) since 1968. Their high-performance products are designed for rotating machinery, high speed equipment, and other demanding industrial applications. CCA couplings come in a wide range of sizes, with speeds reaching up to 100,000 RPM, and shaft sizes ranging from 0.5 inch all the way up to 36 inches and beyond.


Coupling and hub products manufactured by Coupling Corporation are suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications. These include gas turbines, pumps, auxiliary drive turbines, feed rollers, compressors, marine applications, generators, motor drives, high misalignment areas, and large thermal growth equipment. Clutch Engineering can provide standard or custom solutions for nearly any application. For additional information about these and other parts, contact our team directly.

UltraFlexx Coupling

Clutch Engineering offers Coupling Corporation UltraFlexx couplings that boast the lowest spring rates in the entire industry. A unique “”strut”” design also gives the UltraFlexx a high torque capacity, while maintaining a small, lightweight package. The included low spring rates will increase the life of driveline equipment and promote greater machinery uptime to support your bottom line. UltraFLEXX couplings come equipped with Anderson Clamp Hubs as a standard. This enables a strong shaft connection with no keys, heat, or hydraulics. The UltraFLEXX is expertly designed to provide extreme flexibility in most standard coupling applications, making it perfect for many industrial use cases.

Torque range: 4,260 to 51,324,000 lb-in (481 to 5,798,833 Nm)
Typical applications: Compressors, fans, pumps, gas turbines, test stands

Flexxor Coupling

Clutch Engineering offers Coupling Corporation of America’s (CCA) Flexxor diaphragm couplings for use with compressors, fans, pumps, and other industrial equipment needs. These couplings are dynamically balanced, compatible with a wide range of machinery, and they are extremely flexible. This flexible attribute is able to deliver exceptional performance in high-speed and high-torque mechanical use cases. CCA makes use of a unique holed diaphragm design, which has been further refined over 50 years. Flexxor couplings enable easy machinery upkeep because they require no lubrication or direct maintenance. The FLEXXOR has consistently been the most flexible and durable coupling on the market, making it an attractive option for many industrial applications. Its unique holed diaphragm design allows for high misalignment, while still transmitting the highest torque values.

Torque range: 144 to 9,624,000 lb-in (16 to 1,087,372 Nm)
Typical applications: Compressors, fans, pumps, gas turbines, test stands

Anderson Clamp Hub

Available from Clutch Engineering, CCA’s Anderson Keyless Clamp Hub is a quick and easy solution that is compatible with compressors, fans, pumps, and other mechanical applications. Industrial machinery can be equipped with this high-quality solution for virtually any shaft connection. These keyless clamp hubs can be integrated for your straight, keyed, hydraulic, tapered, or splined shaft needs. The Anderson clamp hub can be installed and removed easily, by only relying on the use of hand tools. This means that no heat or hydraulics required for installation and removal. These well-designed hub products can be used to mount Flexxor and UltraFlexx couplings, as well as fan blades, gears, brake discs, and much more. Due to the stresses that a keyway causes in a shaft, keyed shafts have to be larger to carry a given torque. Additionally, there are several other major advantages that the Anderson Clamp hub has over hydraulic hubs, since it uses no oil.

Torque range: 1,875 to 8,020,500 lb-in (212 to 906,196 Nm)
Typical applications: Compressors, fans, pumps, gas turbines, test stands

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