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Tension Brakes & Clutches

Clutch Engineering offers a product line of reliable tension brakes and clutches. These tension brakes clutches are used in constant tension applications for various kinds of machinery. They are also suited for a variety of temperature conditions. These products are able to quickly dissipate heat through air or water cooling. This valuable ability to operate in high temperature scenarios offers you more choices within your mechanical systems. Contact our team directly for additional information.

AquaMaKKs Clutches and Brakes

Clutch Engineering offers Wichita AquaMaKKs clutches and brakes. In these specialized parts, copper alloy wear plates provide great heat dissipation and consistent tension. Each unit is water cooled to allow for high thermal capacities in many challenging use cases. AquaMakks units each feature composite water jackets to reduce weight, while also improving water flow and adding resistance to corrosion. In these units, torque is transmitted by applying axial force from the pneumatic, hydraulic, or spring set actuator. Wichita engineers have utilized the latest cutting edge technologies and state-of-the-art materials to develop these composite water jackets. They are a revolutionary new breakthrough in water cooled clutch and brake design... (patent pending). Torque range – 55,440 to 1,596,000 lb-in (6,259 to 180,188 Nm) Typical applications - Drilling rigs, Deck Equipment, Coilers, Slitters and Lumber Processing Equipment

B-Series Magnetic Particle Brakes

B Series Shaft Mounted Magnetic Particle Brakes give operators exactly what they want: high-quality, dependable performance with no headaches. The magnetic particle brake is an inherently simple, durable device. They are easy to install, made of rugged cast iron for long life and have minimal moving parts, meaning the brakes can be mounted and start performing immediately. The magnetic particle brake is unique in that it acts like a torque valve, allowing any amount of torque to be passed to the load. Long life, smooth starts, and silent operation make it perfect for cycling and overload applications. The unit is offered in a variety of mounting styles in both clutch and brake configurations.

C-Series Foot Mounted Magnetic Paricle

Transform your reliable, durable, foot-mounted MAGPOWR C Series Clutches into brakes with the addition of a simple locking bracket. The unit can be adapted by installing a locking bracket on an existing foot-mounted clutch, or by simply ordering a factory-converted unit.

Global Series Clutches

Versatility and flexibility are the real benefits found in MAGPOWR’s Global Series Magnetic Particle Brakes, as they provide smooth, repeatable, controllable torque independent of speed. This makes them suitable for all kinds of power transmission and tensioning applications. Sizes are available from 5.5 to 325 lb-ft of torque.   This line of brakes features state-of-the-art magnetic particle technology and its compact size is due to through-bores on all machined housings for ease of mounting. The M (Metric) series boasts full metric bores and keyways, as well as metric mounting hardware and setscrews to support international design requirements. The brakes are also available as 24 vdc or 90 vdc.   Torque range: 5.5 lb-ft – 325 lb-ft (7.5 Nm to 441 Nm)

Kopper Kool Clutches and Brakes

Clutch Engineering offers Wichita Kopper Kool clutches and brakes, for applications such as drilling rigs, deck equipment, coilers, and more. These products are water cooled to achieve high thermal capacities while working within your applications. A featured hub spline provides perfect alignment of rotating discs. The units contain copper discs for excellent heat dissipation, which is a critical factor when working under conditions that will generate large amounts of heat. Engagement is achieved by pneumatic expansion of the airtube, which is an effective and reliable engagement method. This air-operated clutch also provides an accurately controlled continuous slip action for constant web tensioning. Torque range – 2,720 to 1,600,000 lb-in (307 to 180,771 Nm) Typical applications – Drilling rigs, Deck Equipment, Coilers, Slitters and Lumber Processing Equipment

Mach III Air Engaged-Spring Released Brakes

Mach III air engaged brakes are applied with compressed air and release in the absence of air pressure. They are often referred to as power-on brakes. These brakes are best suited for bringing a load to a stop and preventing rotary motion of a load. The braking torque is linearly proportional to the air pressure applied.   Torque range: 100 to 6,449 lb-in (11 to 728 Nm) Typical applications: Stopping, holding, and cycling

Mach III Air Engaged-Spring Released Clutches

For Mach III air engaged, spring released clutches, the torque transmitted is linearly proportional to the air pressure applied. When air pressure is absent, release springs ensure full separation of clutch discs. As with all Mach III products, a wide variety of configurations are available. Mounting options include NEMA C-face, through-shaft, end-of-shaft, and clutch-couplings.   Torque range: 190 to 41,008 lb-in (21 to 4,633 Nm) Typical applications: Conveyors, belt-driven equipment

Mach III Spring Engaged Air Released Brakes

Mach III Spring Engaged Air Released Brakes   Mach III spring engaged brakes remain engaged in the absence of air pressure. They are often referred to as power-off brakes, fail-safe brakes or holding brakes. These brakes are best suited for applications where they are used to prevent rotary motion of a load and are not suitable for dynamic stopping. These brakes are also available in configurations that mount directly to standard NEMA C-face frames.   Torque range: 59 to 8,775 lb-in (6 to 991 Nm) Typical applications: Food processing, packaging equipment, thermoforming machinery, hoists

Mach III Spring Engaged Air Released Clutches

Mach III Spring Engaged Air Released Clutches Mach III spring applied clutches transmit a fixed amount of torque determined by the spring pressure. When air is applied, it overcomes the spring pressure and disengages the clutch. These clutches feature a machined pilot for easy mounting of a sprocket or sheave. As with all Mach III products, a number of mounting arrangements and options are available to best suit your application.   Torque range: 506 to 24,375 lb-in (57 to 2,754 Nm) Typical applications: Chain and belt driven equipment

ModEvo Tension Brake

Clutch Engineering provides Wichita ModEvo tension brakes for use with light duty and medium duty tensioning applications. These high-quality products are modular, and they can operate at high line speeds while still giving smooth control. Their advanced design is optimized to achieve high heat dissipation at low speeds, with the use of cooling air. This method for heat dissipation is possible in either rotational direction. A cooling fan can also be integrated into your system for enhanced heat dissipation capabilities. Included discs are manufactured to be the same thickness and each uses the same brake modules and actuators. Each disc can be specified with a minimum of one module, up to the maximum number of modules that can be fit around the disc. Available in five sizes: 250 mm, 300 mm, 350 mm, 400 mm and 450 mm diameters Torque range – 12 to 38,000 lb-in (1 to 4,293 Nm) Typical applications – Light and medium duty Tensioning Applications

Perma-Tork Permanent Magnetic Clutches and Brakes

MAGPOWR's innovative Perma-Tork® permanent magnet clutches achieve very high accuracy, useful and reliable torque, and do not require external power. This clutch (still effective in hysteresis and magnetic contamination) uses high-energy, various magnetic shafts to establish magnetic field lines, slow down the speed of the center turntable, and deliver smooth, precise control. With long-lasting and reliable performance, Perma-Tork clutches are often used in small torque control applications, including tension torque limiting, magnetic coupling and testing.


SensiFlex clutches and brakes are designed for one purpose – tension control. They are not standard clutches and brakes that have been repurposed for tension control by substituting a low coefficient friction pad. SensiFlex clutches and brakes engage at low pressures and are capable of a broad range of torque output. They supply the processing flexibility demanded from today’s narrow web converting machinery without sticking, pulsing or cogging.   SensiFlex clutches and brakes are specifically designed for optimal tension control. They require low pressure to engage and are sensitive to slight changes in air pressure, providing smooth control of torque output. Several different configurations allow for a variety of mounting arrangements. SensiFlex products are designed for efficient heat dissipation and require little maintenance.   Torque range: 36 to 2356 lb-in (4 to 266 Nm) Typical applications: Printing and converting equipment, wire drawing, laminating machines

Water-Cooled Clutches and Brakes

Offered by Clutch Engineering, these Eaton Airflex water-cooled brakes can be integrated into paper mills, drawworks, winches, mooring systems, and many other mechanical systems. These well-made products are disc type, and each unit is externally cooled. These water-cooled clutches and brakes can dissipate large amounts of heat, and they are available various models and sizes. Both spring-applied and air-applied versions of this product are available to suit your application. These are specially designed and constructed to use water to absorb and dissipate the thermal loads associated with the most severe clutch and brake uses that may occur. Torque range: 2,700 to 2,830,000 lb-in (305 to 319,507 Nm) Typical applications: Paper mills, drawworks, winches, mooring systems, dynamometers

XTB Tension Control Brakes

Unlike other brake designs that can direct heat back into the brake, shaft and bearings, the XTB maximizes heat dissipation by deflecting it away from the brake components. This unique airflow design uses fins on the rotor, hub back and calipers to throw dissipated heat into space, not into the brake or shaft. The design also helps draw cooler air around and over the brake. The new, one-piece lightweight rotor pulls cool air into the brake and draws it over the air hoses so they don’t overheat and crack. Torque rating: 2290 lb-in  - 35,280 lb-in (0.2587 kN-m – 3.986 kN-m)

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