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Cardan Driveshafts

Clutch Engineering supplies cardan driveshafts that can handle large misalignments in a variety of mechanical systems. By keeping both joint angles equal and aligning the yokes, these parts can successfully achieve constant output velocity. To make installation easier, most driveshafts use a spline for length compensation. Contact our team with any questions that you may have about our comprehensive variety of cardan driveshaft solutions. We are prepared to supply the ideal parts for your system requirements.

Americardan Driveshafts

Clutch Engineering offers Ameridrives Americardan driveshafts for mechanical applications that require higher angles of operation. A variety of product arrangements are possible to meet the needs of your application's torque, speed, length, and particular angular requirements. Americardan Universal Joint Shaft Assemblies are high-performance “ready to install” drive components, created to effectively connect misaligned shafts in mechanical systems. Axial displacement can be accommodated with length compensating splines which are part of the intermediate shaft assembles. Torque range: 86 to 1,891,846 lb-ft (117 to 2,565,000 Nm) Typical applications: Paper mills, steel mills, levelers, marine propulsion, pumps

Cardan Driveshafts

Clutch engineering offers these high-quality cardan driveshafts for use in steel mills, paper mills, propulsion applications, amusement park machinery, treatment plants, and other industrial-scale needs. Dana Spicer is one of the most trusted names in cardan shafts. Spicer cardan shafts allow torque to be transmitted across a greater angle than that allowed by flexible couplings. Adjustable length gives useful flexibility when mounting the driveshafts. Dana driveshafts are all inspected throughout the manufacturing process to meet exacting customer expectations for quality and durability. Dana works closely with OEMs to deliver custom-made driveshafts that live up to the Spicer reputation for performance. Torque range: 400 to 5,000 lb-ft (542 to 6,779 Nm) Typical applications: Steel mill machinery, paper mill machinery, pumps, amusement rides, marine propulsion, wastewater treatment

Double Cardan Driveshafts

Available from Clutch Engineering, Gewes double cardan shafts offer large amounts of power in a relatively small construction. These products are also lubricated for life. These driveshafts are specifically made for front-wheel drive vehicles. They have a compact driveshaft design that provides high torque capacity. These have been manufactured to exacting specifications to meet a variety of specialized needs. Double cardan shafts for motor vehicles with front wheel drive should be deſned in such a way that the highest short- time torque that can be transmitted is not exceeded in relation to the vehicle's total mass and while maintaining optimum ground adhesion of the tires. Torque range: 2,950 to 11,063 lb-ft (4,000 to 15,000 Nm) Typical applications: Tractors, construction machinery, trucks, off-road vehicles

Gewes Cardan Driveshafts

Clutch Engineering offers Gewes cardan driveshafts, for use in many applications. These applications include steel mills, paper mills, treatment plants, and amusement parks, among others. No machine element other than a cardan shaft allows power transmission of torque between spatially offset driving and driven shafts whose position can be changed during operation. Gewes cardan shafts are high quality, low maintenance, and reliable examples of high-quality manufacturing. These cardan driveshafts transmit torque while allowing for misalignment between driving and driven shafts. With a variety of sizes, lengths, angles, slips, and flanges available, Gewes cardan driveshafts can meet the critical needs of many application. Cardan shafts have become an indispensable transmission component. Torque range: 73 to 165,951 lb-ft (100 to 225,000 Nm) Typical applications: Steel mill machinery, paper mill machinery, pumps, amusement rides, marine propulsion, wastewater treatment

Wing Bearing Driveshafts

Available from Clutch Engineering, these wing bearing driveshafts offer an extremely high flexibility of use. Spicer Wing series driveshafts are made for long life, minimal maintenance, and reduced operating costs. U-joints are available in re-greasable and permanently lubricated versions. Wing bearing crosses are forged and case hardened for strength. U-joint kits can also be disassembled and replaced without dismantling the whole shaft. This feature makes field maintenance simpler to perform. Torque range: 2,419 to 55,612 lb-ft (3,280 to 75,400 Nm) Typical applications: Backhoes, tractors, harvestors, excavators, dump trucks

Cardan Driveshafts Featured Manufacturers

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