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Clutch Engineering is an authorized distributor for Dana Spicer products. We specialize in the distribution of industrial power transmission products and offer expert advice to inform the decision making process for upgrading mechanical systems. We are proud to feature cardan driveshafts from Dana Spicer. Clutch Engineering keeps inventory of these genuine parts and assemblies to be able to quickly respond to customer part orders. Our Application Engineers provide technical support that takes yout individualized needs into consideration. The quality of Dana Spicer products are uncompromising, and we are able to find which product offerings will best suit your application. With high-quality driveshafts, you can create optimal conditions for your critical mechanical equipment to operate within. Precision designs, high quality materials, and exacting manufacturing standards are all combined to give you the best mechanical solutions.

More than 100 years ago, Clarence Spicer developed the first practical application of the cardan universal joint. Since then, Dana has continuously developed new designs, materials, and processes for Spicer driveshafts that provide more power, greater efficiency, and better overall performance. A century of quality and innovation is built into every Spicer product (10 Series, Wing Series).

Driveshafts manufactured by Spicer are suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. Whether it be rolling mills in the steel industry, amusement rides in the entertainment industry, propulsion in the marine industry, or pumps in the wastewater treatment industry, Clutch Engineering can provide dependable, long-lasting products for the most severe industrial applications. Contact our team for additional information about these mechanical product solutions and other high quality parts.

Cardan Driveshafts

Clutch engineering offers these high-quality cardan driveshafts for use in steel mills, paper mills, propulsion applications, amusement park machinery, treatment plants, and other industrial-scale needs. Dana Spicer is one of the most trusted names in cardan shafts. Spicer cardan shafts allow torque to be transmitted across a greater angle than that allowed by flexible couplings. Adjustable length gives useful flexibility when mounting the driveshafts. Dana driveshafts are all inspected throughout the manufacturing process to meet exacting customer expectations for quality and durability. Dana works closely with OEMs to deliver custom-made driveshafts that live up to the Spicer reputation for performance.

Torque range: 400 to 5,000 lb-ft (542 to 6,779 Nm)
Typical applications: Steel mill machinery, paper mill machinery, pumps, amusement rides, marine propulsion, wastewater treatment

Wing Bearing Driveshafts

Available from Clutch Engineering, these wing bearing driveshafts offer an extremely high flexibility of use. Spicer Wing series driveshafts are made for long life, minimal maintenance, and reduced operating costs. U-joints are available in re-greasable and permanently lubricated versions. Wing bearing crosses are forged and case hardened for strength. U-joint kits can also be disassembled and replaced without dismantling the whole shaft. This feature makes field maintenance simpler to perform.

Torque range: 2,419 to 55,612 lb-ft (3,280 to 75,400 Nm)
Typical applications: Backhoes, tractors, harvestors, excavators, dump trucks

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