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Since 1947, Gewes has been producing roller bearing-mounted universal joint shafts and cardan shaft assemblies. These include u-joint crosses that are made with a high standard of quality. Gewes has a large vertical range of products specifically aimed at meeting the critical requirements of customers. A long service life and great strength characterize the great design and construction of these products. Wherever torques with an angular offset pose a challenge, Gewes u-joint shafts are an optimal solution for your power train. These driveshafts are found in a great variety of machinery and they are indispensable transmission components. Their exacting specifications lead to long equipment life to enable extensive equipment usage, which reduces downtime and improves your bottom line. These are great examples of how precision engineering can support the needs of specialty mechanical systems.

To integrate these high quality products into your equipment, Clutch Engineering provides Gewes parts as an experienced distributor. Our capabilities include application engineering support, to suggest ideal part solutions for your mechanical systems. We specialize in the distribution of industrial power transmission products and we are proud to feature cardan and double cardan driveshafts from Gewes. Our Application Engineers can help select your ideal solutions, to support your decision making process.

Cardan driveshafts manufactured by Gewes are suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications. Whether it be rolling mills in the steel industry, amusement rides in the entertainment industry, propulsion in the marine industry, or pumps in the wastewater treatment industry, Clutch Engineering can provide dependable, long-lasting driveshafts for the most severe industrial applications. For more information about these mechanical components, contact us directly.

Gewes Cardan Driveshafts

Clutch Engineering offers Gewes cardan driveshafts, for use in many applications. These applications include steel mills, paper mills, treatment plants, and amusement parks, among others. No machine element other than a cardan shaft allows power transmission of torque between spatially offset driving and driven shafts whose position can be changed during operation. Gewes cardan shafts are high quality, low maintenance, and reliable examples of high-quality manufacturing. These cardan driveshafts transmit torque while allowing for misalignment between driving and driven shafts. With a variety of sizes, lengths, angles, slips, and flanges available, Gewes cardan driveshafts can meet the critical needs of many application. Cardan shafts have become an indispensable transmission component.

Torque range: 73 to 165,951 lb-ft (100 to 225,000 Nm)
Typical applications: Steel mill machinery, paper mill machinery, pumps, amusement rides, marine propulsion, wastewater treatment

Double Cardan Driveshafts

Available from Clutch Engineering, Gewes double cardan shafts offer large amounts of power in a relatively small construction. These products are also lubricated for life. These driveshafts are specifically made for front-wheel drive vehicles. They have a compact driveshaft design that provides high torque capacity. These have been manufactured to exacting specifications to meet a variety of specialized needs. Double cardan shafts for motor vehicles with front wheel drive should be deſned in such a way that the highest short- time torque that can be transmitted is not exceeded in relation to the vehicle’s total mass and while maintaining optimum ground adhesion of the tires.

Torque range: 2,950 to 11,063 lb-ft (4,000 to 15,000 Nm)
Typical applications: Tractors, construction machinery, trucks, off-road vehicles

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