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Clutch Engineering provides high-quality Desch products for a range of brake and clutch needs. We specialize in the distribution of reliable industrial power transmission products, which includes some great products from Desch. We are proud to feature clutches, brakes, and combination clutch/brakes from Desch. Our knowledgeable staff is also prepared to provide insight and technical support to ensure the compatibility of your product selection.


Desch was established in 1906 and as an owner-operated family company. It continues to be run successfully, by the fourth generation. As a market-leading drive technology partner, Desch provides innovative, customized, complete solutions along the entire drive train. They pride themselves on the the exceptional quality of their products and they offer a broad range of clutches (Planox), brakes (Servox), and combination clutch/brakes (Lutex LKB or Lutex C-B-C).


Desch strives for excellence in the design, production and assembly of their products. They seek to stay ahead of competitors by offering products that are technologically advanced and able to meet your mechanical needs efficiently and reliably. Continuous innovation can be seen in their products, including their well tested clutch and drive products. Clutches and brakes from Desch are found in a wide variety of applications, including marine drives, construction machinery, industrial presses, and shears.


Desch stocks an extensive range of products, while working to develop innovative designs as well. Clutch Engineering can provide durable, long-lasting units for the most challenging industrial applications. For more information about these products and more, contact our dedicated team directly. We are equipped to provide advanced mechanical solutions, coupled with insightful technical support.

Lutex LKB Clutch/Brake

Available from Clutch Engineering, the Desch Lutex LKB combination clutch/brake (C-B-C) is compatible with many systems that require braking functionality, including industrial presses and shears. This brake is spring applied, and when sufficient air pressure is applied, the brake disengages, engaging the clutch. The LKB series is able to cover most standard clutch/brake mounting arrangements. This clutch/brake has a low moment of inertia and a compact design for integration into machinery that can have tight space limitations. The brake disc is mounted on the press/machine frame whilst the clutch disc is mounting on the flywheel. The piston is mounted on the hub and is free to move axially between the hub and the cylinder. Contact our team at Clutch Engineering with any product or purchasing questions.

Clutch torque: 184 to 84,820 lb-ft (250 to 115,000 Nm)
Brake torque: 103 to 47,941 lb-ft (140 to 65,000 Nm)
Typical applications: Presses, shears

Planox PP Clutch

Clutch Engineering offers Desch Planox PP clutches for use with construction machinery, marine drives, energy generation systems, and other industrial applications. These clutches are pneumatically actuated and compatible with a wide range of applications. The construction of these clutches is simple, maintenance-free, and sturdy. PP clutches have a positive history of performance in applications with high engaging and disengaging frequency. These clutches also permit rapid acceleration of driven machines or machinery groups, and they achieve reliable torque transmission.

Torque range: 95 to 59,521 lb-ft (130 to 80,700 Nm)
Typical applications: Construction machinery, marine drives, energy generation, extruders

Servox Brake

Available from Clutch Engineering, the Desch Servox brake is a highly-reliable braking system that can be used as a fail-safe device in mechanical applications. This brake is spring applied and hydraulically released, which gives you options for engaging the braking mechanism in the absence of hydraulic pressure. It’s usually used as a static holding brake, but can function as a dynamic safety brake in particular situations. The outer diameter is the same as competitive brakes, while it also features a different length. This product has low inner mass moment of inertia and is free of friction corrosion.

Torque range: 8,113 to 22,126 lb-ft (11,000 to 30,000 Nm)
Typical applications: Presses

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