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Clutch Engineering is an authorized distributor of SEW-Eurodrive parts. We specialize in the identification and distribution of high-quality industrial power transmission products that are needed for industrial equipment found around the world. We are proud to feature well-made gearboxes and gearmotors from SEW-Eurodrive as a part of our product lineup. Our knowledgeable staff of applications engineers can help to define the best mechanical solutions for your system, so you can be confident that you are purchasing the right parts to reach your goals. SEW-Eurodrive is a world leader in drive technology and a pioneer in drive-based automation. They have established a reputation for quickly solving the most difficult power transmission and motion control challenges, and we bring that expertise to you in the form of advanced gearmotor systems. They introduced the gearmotor in 1931, and in the 80-plus years since then, they have been developing the very best in drive technology. SEW-Eurodrive also offers the broadest product line in the industry. Products include gearmotors (R, F, K Series) and heavy industrial gear units (X and MC Series) to electronic drives, software, and complete drive-based automation systems.

SEW products are based on a unique and useful system of modular components. These components can be assembled into millions of different configurations, which makes it possible for every drive solution to be custom built to exact customer specifications. Every product offered by SEW-Eurodrive is finely tuned to meet real world needs with effectively and reliably. These products are supported by years of design and testing experience, so you know you are getting high quality, proven part solutions. These product offerings can be easily integrated into many compatible mechanical systems.

For various production processes and equipment needs, SEW-Eurodrive has solutions that add features and capabilities to your processes. Gear reducers manufactured by SEW-Eurodrive are suitable for a wide variety of mechanical applications. Whether systems are built for steel and paper mills, conveyors, ball mills, or overhead cranes, Clutch Engineering can provide these rugged and dependable units to meet your exacting requirements. Contact our team for more information about available products and how we can provide your ideal mechanical product solutions.

F Series Gearmotors

Clutch Engineering provides SEW-Eurodrive F series parallel-shaft helical gearmotors for use in mechanical systems such as industrial conveyor systems, material handling systems, steel mills, and other mechanical applications. These compact and thoughtfully designed gearmotors are slim enough to fit into many critical spaces with relative ease, supporting easy integration into your existing equipment. Various mounting positions, sizes, and designs enable F series gearmotors to operate in so many applications that demand precision positioning and quality. The circumferential backlash of these gear units is considerably less than that of the standard version.

Torque range: 95 to 13,275 lb-ft (130 to 18,000 Nm)

Typical applications: Conveyors, material handling, steel mills, paper mills

K Series Gearmotors

SEW-Eurodrive K series helical-bevel gearmotors offered by Clutch Engineering are designed for wear-free operation, allowing for a long service life. These gearmotors feature gear efficiencies of more than 90% in both directions of rotation within the system. As with other SEW Eurodrive products, these gearmotors are also very compact and they boast a high power density, to better meet the needs of your machinery. These products are also resilient enough to be operated in a wide range of ambient temperatures that may be present on site. These dependable gearmotors are designed to work in many mechanical applications, while operating at high levels of efficiency.

Torque range: 59 to 36,878 lb-ft (80 to 50,000 Nm)

Typical applications: Conveyors, material handling, steel mills, paper mills

MC Series Gearboxes

These helical and helical-bevel gearboxes are specially designed by for a wide variety of torque ranges. The SEW-Eurodrive MC series offered by Clutch Engineering can fit into many industrial applications, giving you the power to choose your ideal solutions. The MC series features a modular construction with high torque density, and they are available in eight compact sizes. This diverse selection enables you to choose the correct drive for virtually any application. You can select an ideal gearbox option based on the required speed and torque range, space available, and the ambient operating conditions.

Torque range: 4,416 to 47,500 lb-ft (5,987 to 64,401 Nm)

Typical applications: Material handling, mixers, overhead cranes, shredders

R Series Gearmotors

Available from Clutch Engineering, these SEW-Eurodrive R series helical gearmotors achieve a very high torque density and long service life. These gearmotors are specially designed for great performance and reliability. For these products, a wide range of torques and gear ratios are offered to best fit the needs of your applications. They are compatible with many critical mechanical systems.

Torque range: 36 to 13,275 lb-ft (50 to 18,000 Nm)

Typical applications: Steel mills, paper mills, conveyors, waste water treatment

X Series Gearboxes

Clutch Engineering offers SEW-Eurodrive X series helical and helical-bevel gearboxes, for use with conveyor systems, ball mills, agitators, and other industrial needs. The specialized designs for the construction of this gearbox achieve a high power density that leads to a reduction in costs and weight. These great products feature an extremely robust housing that is compatible with a variety of mounting options. The lubrication type “splash lubrication” is used for bucket elevator drives as a standard. For these gear units, you have the option to use pressure or bath lubrication.

Torque range: 5,015 to 350,342 lb-ft (6,800 to 475,000 Nm)

Typical applications: Conveyors, ball mills, agitators, overhead cranes, shredders

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