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Bauer Gear

Clutch Engineering is an authorized distributor for Bauer Gear Motor, which enables us to meet the needs of your mechanical systems with a variety of their high-quality parts. We specialize in the distribution of industrial power transmission products that are compatible with a great variety of industries and equipment. We are proud to feature gearmotors from Bauer Gear Motor as a part of out lineup of products. Our knowledgeable staff of engineers is also able to identify the right mechanical solutions for your system. Bauer Gear Motor is a global industry leader for innovative, energy-efficient geared motor solutions.


Baur Gear Motor puts great effort into developing, testing and regulating the quality and efficiency of their products. This dedication to quality adds value to each product, as quality translates into the optimal performance of your mechanical systems. These parts can also create a greener environment for all companies involved. Baur Gear Motor has solutions that are flexible, green, and clean. Many of their products are also made to be rugged and resistant to some of the harshest operating environments. Their intelligent solutions can be found in a large variety of mechanical applications in many industries. Founded in 1927, Bauer Gear Motor has grown globally to become a preferred source for high-quality, extremely reliable geared motors. Bauer engineers develop technically-advanced products that feature energy-efficient motors paired with optimal gearboxes. This provides customers with the lowest possible cost of ownership.


Bauer’s diverse range of specialized products includes helical geared motors (BG Series), shaft-mounted geared motors (BF Series), bevel-geared motors (BK Series), worm geared motors, monorail geared motor drives, aseptic drives, and C-adapter motor connection. Bauer engineered solutions are used in markets that include food & beverage, energy, wastewater, concrete, metals, rolling mills, monorail systems and overhead conveyors, sludge thickeners, cranes, fans & blowers, and turbines. Products are also used for material handling on applications such as washdown conveyor systems. As a distributor and provider of technical support, Clutch Engineering can deliver ideal product solutions to meet your most demanding industrial requirements.

Disc Brake Linings

Offered by Clutch Engineering, these Bremskerl disc brake linings are made of high-quality materials. When manufactured into disc brake linings, these materials help evenly distribute energy across the entire disc surface. This helps reduce wear, increasing both linings and rotor life. Bremskerl provides air disc brake pads and drum brake linings for bus, trailer, truck and special purpose vehicles. These products also feature competitive pricing, to support your bottom line.

Typical applications: Mobile cranes, overhead cranes, public transit, trains

BF Series Gearmotors

Clutch Engineering offers Bauer Gear Motor BF series shaft-mounted gearmotors that are highly efficient solutions for many mechanical needs. BF series gearmotors are compatible with various material handling applications, conveyor systems, and processing systems. These gearmotors require little maintenance, which simplifies equipment upkeep and increases your machinery uptime. This ultimately optimizes your processes and benefits your bottom line. Mounting of these gearmotors is flexible, with variable shaft, base, face, flange, and terminal box options. BF geared motors come with IP65 enclosures standard, and IP66 is also available for more demanding environments. Bauer Gear Motor specializes in modern drive solutions for all industry sectors in which material must be moved. Products available from Clutch Engineering can feature vibration-free housing, noise absorbent properties and resistance against chemical effects.

Torque range: 66 to 13,644 lb-ft (90 to 18,500 Nm)

Typical applications: Material handling, conveyors, metals processing

JAB Torque Limiters

Offered by Clutch Engineering, the Brunel JAB torque limiter is a great option for many conveyor systems, paper machinery, packaging equipment, and other mechanical systems. These high-quality torque limiters can be easily adjusted to your ideal torque setting and they can also be manually reset upon disengagement. During normal operation, there’s no slip, and the torque setting is maintained indefinitely. This creates a simpler way to keep your systems up-to-date, without the need for recurring manual adjustments. Special seals are also available for dusty operating conditions. The clutch can be installed in virtually any drive system, safeguarding against sudden spikes in torque, or gradual build-up of torque that may occur. Modifications are possible to provide manual lever operation of the clutch while retaining the overload release feature.

Release torque range: 10 to 4,000 lb-ft (14 to 5,500 Nm)
Typical applications: Conveyors, paper machinery, packaging equipment, machine tools

SMLB Thruster Brakes

Johnson SMLB thruster brakes are sturdy and reliable parts, offered by Clutch Engineering. These are commonly used for cranes, conveyors, ski lifts, and other mechanical applications. These thruster brakes are made with reliable fabricated steel components and asbestos-free friction linings that can handle high-temperature environments. A variety of additional special options are available, such as optional mechanical release levers, high temperature assemblies, and explosion-proof designs for your specific needs braking needs.

Torque range: 58 to 8,475 lb-ft (78 to 11,490 Nm)

Typical applications: Cranes, winches, stacker reclaimers, conveyors, ski lifts

PM Coupling

Clutch Engineering offers Renold PM flexible couplings for use with pumps, fans, compressors, and other industrial machinery. No lubrication or adjustment is required for these parts, which increased machinery uptime and improves your bottom line. These PM couplings allow for instances of axial, angular, and radial misalignment while reducing vibration and guarding against shock loads. This product can achieve low vibratory loads in driveline components through the selection of optimum stiffness characteristics. A variety of rubber elements are available for optimal performance. This product also seeks to eliminate torque amplifications through pre-compression of the rubber elements.

Torque range: 106 to 1,720,976 lb-ft (0.14 to 2,333 kNm)
Typical applications: Pumps, fans, compressors, cranes, conveyors

BFK457 Brakes

Available from Clutch Engineering, the Intorq BFK457 brake is a well-designed braking system that can be used for many mechanical systems, hoists, and other applications. This brake also has a failsafe functionality to increase the safety of equipment during a loss of power. It uses spring applied torque for braking and an electromagnetic method for release. The effective braking torque is applied through the use of multiple pressure spring components. These failsafe brakes are a great fit for many breaking applications, and feature integral fixing screws for quick and easy installation.

Torque range: 0.09 to 92 lb-ft (0.12 to 125 Nm)
Typical applications: Automation systems, hoists, material handling, wood working machinery

700 Series Gearboxes

Clutch Engineering offers Boston Gear 700 series worm gearboxes with an array of ratios, for use with material handling applications, conveyor systems, metal processing systems, and others industrial equipment. These gearboxes are available with ratio from 5:1 all the way to 3,600:1 and the rugged housing can be coated or made from stainless steel for washdown applications by request. They also feature a large oil reservoir for efficient heat dissipation and lubrication. These products are specially designed to meet the needs of mechanical applications that are found in a wide variety of industrial settings.

Torque range: 98 to 16,000 lb-in (11 to 1,807 Nm)

Typical applications: Material handling, conveyors, metals processing

Single Universal Joint

Clutch Engineering offers high-quality single universal joints from Belden Universal. These specially made joints are constructed to be sturdy, reliable, and long-lasting. These products are comprised of high-grade alloy steel components. Each joint is precision machined, heat treated, and ground to exacting standards to create durable, high-performance models. This attention to detail and use of advanced manufacturing techniques results in a product that is far better than typical industrial-grade models. For use in your applications, pin and block joints can effectively transmit torques in the most demanding of environments. Alternatively, for higher-speed joint applications, you may also order needle bearing joints to better suit your specific needs. Contact our team for additional information about these high-quality single universal joints.

Torque range: 14 to 28,000 lb-in (1.6 to 3,163 Nm)
Typical applications: Metalworking machinery, printing machinery, conveyors, packaging systems, steering systems, machine tools


Clutch Engineering offers Tribco Braketex, a 100% Kevlar fiber composite material that can be integrated into many specialized applications. Braketex is a textile reinforced polymer that does not contain any metal, abrasives, cotton, or fillers. This material is also free of asbestos. This advanced polymer material offers a very high wear resistance, low thermal conductivity and low opposing surface wear. It can be used in wet or dry applications for clutch and brake products. Dry applications are non-abrasive to opposing iron, steel, and copper surfaces such as rotors, drums and flywheels.

Dynamic dry coefficient of friction: 0.36
Dynamic wet coefficient of friction: 0.10 to 0.15


Clutch Engineering offers Clutchtex from Tribco. This high-quality material is non-molded and contains no metal, abrasives, or asbestos. This material also features great wear resistance and low opposing surface wear. Additionally, it has excellent shock resistance and minimal thermal conductivity. Tribco Clutchtex is a 100% Kevlar fiber composite material. This high-performance product is also available bonded to carrier plates of thicknesses that can be defined by the customer to accommodate their needs.

Dynamic dry coefficient of friction: 0.36
Dynamic wet coefficient of friction: 0.10 to 0.15

Drum Brake Linings

These Bremskerl drum brake linings from Clutch Engineering are completely asbestos free; and they offer reduced wear rates. These brake linings are available in a variety of sizes and designs to fit your industrial machinery needs. Bremskerl produces these high-quality, asbestos-free friction materials for use with cranes trains, and other industrial applications. Products can be 99.9% cured and yet still highly flexible. These products are made with high-quality methods and linings are created that do not harden on shelf or crack when unrolled.

Typical applications: Mobile cranes, overhead cranes, public transit, trains

800 Series Gearboxes

Available from Clutch Engineering, these Boston Gear 800 series helical gearboxes are utilized for a variety of use cases. This includes use for conveyor systems, the processing of metal, and other applications. Ratios from 1.5:1 to 250:1 and a variety of input configurations are available, increasing the ability of the 800 series reducers to cover a variety of mechanical needs. Boston Gear 800 Series In-Line Helical Gear Drives are functionally interchangeable and designed to cooperate with the drives of many other manufacturers. These high-quality gearboxes are compact and have a long service life.

Torque range: 288 to 5,423 lb-in (32 to 612 Nm)

Typical applications: Material handling, conveyors, metals processing

BG Series Gearmotors

Clutch Engineering offers a variety of Bauer Gear Motor products, including the well-made BG series helical gearmotors. Motors range from 0.03 to 75 kW and they are both robust and durable. BG gearmotors feature IP65 protection as a standard, or you can upgrade to optional IP66 enclosures, which gives you the ability to protect against more demanding environments. The simple and cost effective installation, the minor service necessity and the high efficiency can reduce costs throughout the whole life of the drive. Increased machine uptime and less maintenance complication make these gearmotors great options for many industrial applications.


Torque range: 14 to 13,644 lb-ft (20 to 18,500 Nm)

Typical applications: Material handling, conveyors, metals processing

JB Torque Limiters

Available from Clutch Engineering, Brunel Corporation’s Type JB torque limiters are useful in many mechanical applications. These include conveyor systems, packaging systems, bottling machines, printing presses, and other mechanical systems. JB Torque Limiters are designed to provide instant release at the preset torque. Units can be supplied pilot bored or finish bored and keywayed. With these well-made products, when the overload releases the clutch, the hub travels one revolution before the clutch automatically re-engages. This useful feature makes JB torque limiters perfect for applications where a restart has to occur in the correct position. This is also relevant for when manual resetting is not a possibility. The hub may be fitted to either shaft and is intended to be axially constrained against a shoulder to resist the resetting force and locked by means of a set screw onto the shaft key.

Release torque range: 50 to 1,000 lb-ft (68 to 1,356 Nm)
Typical applications: Conveyors, packaging, bottling machines, printing presses, indexing drives

HTB Couplings

Clutch Engineering offers Renold HTB couplings, which are designed for bell housing applications and are intrinsically fail-safe for critical applications. These products offer advanced protection against severe shock loads, and no lubrication or adjustment is required. These features result in lower running costs and increased machinery uptimes. These couplings can also handle temperatures up to 400° F (200° C). An additional benefit is that these products can ensure continuous operation of the driveline in the unlikely event of rubber damage.

Torque range: 885 to 29,500 lb-ft (1.2 to 40 kNm)
Typical applications: Marine propulsion, compressors, generator sets, pumps, rail traction

CU/CX Disc Brakes

Clutch Engineering offers Johnson CU and CX Series DC magnetic disc brakes for use with applications such as cranes, conveyors, oil mill machinery, and key nuclear power machinery. These are great disc break solutions for many critical braking applications. They are dust and drip protected, and the terminal box uses an IP55 enclosure that helps to resist various dirt particles and moisture. They are used for service duty (CU) or emergency stop duty (CX).

Braking force: 809 to 50,600 lb (3.6 to 225 kN)

Typical applications: Cranes, conveyors, mining, steel mill machinery, nuclear power, oil field machinery

BFK458 Brakes

The Intorq BFK458 brake offered by Clutch Engineering is a highly-effective brake system with additional fail-safe applications. This brake is double spring-applied and electromagnetically released, which is aligned with fail-safe functionality that can apply breaking pressure in the absence of power. This product is especially useful for redundant breaking applications. A wide range of operating torques, standard voltages, and brake enclosures are offered by Clutch Engineering. These brakes can also be fitted with an optional hand release, to best suit your requirements and environment.

Torque range: 1 to 442 lb-ft (1.5 to 600 Nm)
Typical applications: Cranes, stage machinery, brake motors, wood working machinery

Safeset Coupling

Clutch Engineering offers Voith Turbo SafeSet torque limiting couplings for use with many critical mechanical systems. This product can protect your equipment from dangerous overloads and torque increases. In the dangerous event of a torque overload, shear tubes are designed to break instantly. This leads to the releasing of hydraulic pressure and a disconnection from the driveline. Replacing the shear tubes and repressurizing the system takes only minutes, allowing you to get your processes back up to speed in a minimal amount of time. SafeSet torque limiting couplings are especially capable of preventing machine damage in high value rotating equipment. Essentially, these couplings work like a mechanical fuses in the driveline, by protecting the system from sudden torque spikes and costly breakdowns.

Torque range: 737 to 14,751,242 lb-ft (1 to 20,000 kNm)
Typical applications: Steel mills, crushers, grinders, conveyors, excavators, gas turbines, trains

Double Universal Joint

Clutch Engineering offers double universal joints from the joint experts at Belden Universal, which gives you access to highly useful parts that can be integrated into metalworking, printing, and packaging systems, along with a diverse list of other applications. These double universal joints are available in high-grade alloy steel and stainless steel. In addition to coming in a variety of materials, these products also have multiple finishing options to suit your preferences. A strong indicator of quality for this product is that it is manufactured to the same high-quality standards as its single universal joint variants. Using these joints can enable precise positioning and provide flexibility under higher angles of operation. Double universal joints operate at up to 90° which increases operating possibilities when compared to other joints with less flexibility. Using phased double joints also allows for equal input and output speeds when the operating angles of the joints are equal. If these joints are being used in a corrosive environment, it is recommended to use lubricant retaining boots for best results and longevity

Torque range: 18 to 5,735 lb-in (2.1 to 648 Nm)
Typical applications: Metalworking machinery, printing machinery, conveyors, packaging systems, steering systems, machine tools

Twintec Materials

Clutch Engineering provides friction linings with innovative and elastic Twintec technology. These products perform very well, due to their high adaptability and stability. Bremskerl Twintec technology consists of an elastic underlayer with a friction lining surface. This technology provides higher dynamic friction coefficients while reducing lining wear by as much as 80%. Vibrational and noise excitations are also reduced to a minimum. Twintec technology can be combined with almost any Bremskerl material.

Centric Centrifugal Clutches

Clutch Engineering offers Boston Gear Centric Centrifugal Clutches (CCC) that are compatible with many applications for soft starts, or, conversely, to brake runaway systems. These extremely efficient clutches can function without the need for external controls. All CCC series clutches are custom designed to best fit your application, giving you great freedom to meet the needs of your systems. The spring controlled centrifugal clutch lets engines warm up before starting the load or to stand by at an idling speed, when it is used with engine drives. Due to this ability, the spring controlled centrifugal clutch is highly useful for industrial applications such as dual drives and engine driven pumping systems.

Power range: 40 to 2,280 HP (29 to 1,700 kW)

Typical applications: Turbines, generators, elevators, conveyors, pumps

BK Series Gearmotors

Clutch Engineering offers high-quality Bauer Gear Motor BK series bevel gearmotors. Mechanical applications for these gearmotors can include material handling systems, conveyor machinery, processing equipment, and other use cases. These well-made gearmotors are cost effective and available in a variety of gear ratios and mounting arrangements to support your installation needs across a wide range of applications. Hollow shafts are made available for even the smallest sizes of these BK geared motors. These products can also come equipped with state-of-the-art gearbox housing designed for operation under harsh conditions and compact closed housing is ideal for preventing lubricant loss and dirt build-up.

Torque range: 59 to 13,644 lb-ft (80 to 18,500 Nm)

Typical applications: Material handling, conveyors, metals processing

SE Torque Limiters

Offered by Clutch Engineering, the Brunel Safety Element (SE) torque limiters are compatible with many mechanical applications, including waste water treatment systems, mining systems, extruders, and other industrial systems. These well-made products are specifically designed to prevent overload in systems with very high torque. This modular product benefits your system by essentially allowing for a virtually unlimited torque capacity. SE clutches operate with no slip, and they completely disengage when a torque overload occurs. Special units are available for waste water, outdoor environments, and corrosive conditions. The internal parts of these torque limiters are packed with grease and they are also externally regreaseable. Eight “O” ring seals prevent contaminants from entering the unit while a grease vent allows added grease to escape.

Tangential force range: 2,250 to 38,000 lb (10,000 to 169,000 N)
Typical applications: Waste water treatment, mining, extruders

Rail Clamps

Johnson rail camps are designed to protect rail mounted equipment in the event of dangerously high winds or powerful storms. These specially designed rail products are also known as storm brakes. Using rail clamp products can give you more control over the safety and placement of your rail equipment, in virtually any weather condition. A variety of options such as custom mountings, coatings, and alternate materials are also available.

Holding capacity: 1,000 to 150,000 lb (4.4 to 667 kN)

Typical applications: Gantry cranes, container terminals, shipyards

Gear Coupling

Renold Gearflex gear couplings, offered by Clutch Engineering, feature a higher capacity tooth through optimized tooth design. These products reach an impressive power capacity within a small envelope and they have fantastic capacity for misalignment. Single and double engagement types are both available for this product option. These features, in combination with the improved properties of forged alloy material, provides a maximized power density in terms of both weight and diameter.

Torque range: 1,050 to 3,501,207 lb-ft (1.4 to 4,747 kNm)
Typical applications: Cranes, steel mills, mining machinery

BFK470 Brakes

The Intorq BFK470 is a spring-applied, electromagnetically released brake available from Clutch Engineering. The product is sealed by an IP66 enclosure and can be equipped with an optional sealed hand-release. This reliable brake offers the benefit of fail-safe functionality, due to the fact that braking pressure is applied in a de-energized state. This creates options for the application of braking pressure in the event of a power failure. Corrosion protection of up to class C5 is available. The Cold Climate Version can operate in low temperatures down to -40° C (-40° F).

Torque range: 1.5 to 272 lb-ft (2 to 370 Nm)
Typical applications: Wind turbines, cranes, hoists, textile machinery

Smartset Coupling

Available from Clutch Engineering, the Voith SmartSet torque limiting coupling has the ability to slip up to 120° without releasing. This advanced functionality is useful during short duration torque spikes that may occur during the operation of your system. If a torque overload lasts longer, the coupling will fully release in order to protect the other critical components of your driveline. The outstanding precision and reliability of Voith torque limiting couplings ensures smooth operation and less wear and tear – during the entire life span of your driveline.

Torque range: 737 to 14,751,242 lb-ft (1 to 20,000 kNm)
Typical applications: Steel mills, crushers, grinders, conveyors, excavators, gas turbines, trains

Telescoping Universal Joint

Belden telescoping universal joints create options for installing reliable joint components as a part of metalworking, printing, conveyor, and other applications. Belden creates an intelligent product offering to meet the real needs of mechanical systems. This includes options for joint materials, product coatings, and specialty mounting arrangements that promote the optimal performance of your joints and processes. These joints can feature easy connection, quick release, and quick change capabilities. These joints are designed specifically to meet the critical needs of otherwise challenging joint applications. These products are compatible with all metric styles, and telescoping length allows for enhanced flexibility during the mounting process.

Typical applications: Metalworking machinery, printing machinery, conveyors, packaging systems, steering systems, machine tools

NLS Centrifugal Clutches

Available from Clutch Engineering, these Boston Gear NLS centrifugal clutches are compatible with many applications that include turbines, generators, elevator systems, conveyor systems, and pumps. The NLS centrifugal clutch is a rugged time-proven unit. When used with various industrial mechanical systems, this product allows systems to be started without load. In addition to aiding in the startup process, these clutches can protect against shock loads by slipping when overloaded. NLS centrifugal clutches are available in both free engagement and delayed engagement versions. When installed, this product is adept at allowing the motor or other driving source to accelerate to operating speed without load and to slipping automatically when overloaded.

Power range: 0.2 to 8,360 HP (0.15 to 6,234 kW)

Typical applications: Turbines, generators, elevators, conveyors, pumps

HiflexDrive Gearmotors

Available from Clutch Engineering, these Bauer Gear Motor HiflexDRIVE gearmotors are constructed by combining a BK series gear unit with a permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM). These high quality gearmotors are constructed with specialized applications and performance in mind. In this configuration, the PMSM maintains constant speed independent of load, making these products ideal for systems that deal with constant torque. Aseptic and stainless steel models are also available with ingress protection up to IP69K. The specialized design of these products is appropriate for a wide variety of mechanical use cases.

Torque range: 147 to 243 lb-ft (200 to 330 Nm)

Typical applications: Material handling, conveyors, food processing, pharmaceuticals

Rail Brakes

Johnson rail brakes help to protect critical rail mounted equipment during high winds and storms. These brakes use the spring force method of breaking to provide an effective solutions to these challenging environmental factors. Based on this method, these brakes have been developed to reliably apply pressure directly to the top of a rail head to add safety to many scenarios that involve rail mounted equipment. These products and additional custom options are available to cater to your unique needs for rail mounted equipment and rail braking.

Holding capacity: 10,000 to 100,000 lb (44 to 444 kN)

Typical applications: Gantry cranes, container terminals, shipyards

Geared Mill Spindles

Renold Ajax geared mill spindles are available from Clutch Engineering for roughing mills, finishing mills, and other mechanical applications. These specially designed products offer a high power density and long life, to further support your bottom line and increase machinery uptime. In order to reduce bore wear and vibration, Renold uses a roll end piloting system. To address potential inadequacies of grease lubrication, Renold has developed an oil lubricated spindle design for use in all types of mills including Hot Strip Roughing and Finishing applications.

Typical applications include: Roughing mills, finishing mills

14.105 and 14.115 Clutches and Brakes

Clutch Engineering offers the Intorq 14.105 and 14.115 electromagnetic clutches and brakes for use in applications such as gates, packaging machinery, and printing machinery. These clutches and brakes are useful parts that can be used in flange or shaft mounted applications. Additionally, they operate with the use of DC voltage and can transfer torque with no torsional backlash and have a very short run-in period. Some of these parts also feature patented spring pulls, as a component of the complete construction of these high quality products. 14.105 and 14.115 clutches and brakes require little maintenance, which improves machinery uptime, and they also have a long service life.

Torque range: 5.5 to 354 lb-ft (7.5 to 480 Nm)
Typical applications: Packaging machinery, gates, printing machinery

F Series Gearboxes

Renold’s F Series shaft mounted gear units are precision engineered products available from Clutch Engineering, made for applications such as conveyors, pumps, and other industrial machinery. These well-made systems are available in reduction ratios up to 5,600:1. Motors are available up to 45kW with an output torque capacity of up to 8000.Nm. A wide variety of mounting options and ratios are available to accommodate your requirements for compatibility and placement. These high-quality F series gear units are sold as motorized or motor-ready. Otherwise, they are sold as a reducer with a keyed input shaft. The F Series geared motor is primarily designed as a shaft mounted unit incorporating an integral torque reaction bracket, and can be supplied with rubber torque bushes to cushion the torque reaction.

Torque range: up to 12,170 lb-ft (16.5 kNm)
Typical applications: Conveyors, pumps, textile machinery, paper mill machinery

K Series Gearboxes

Clutch Engineering offers Renold K Series right angle helical bevel gear units for your industrial and mechanical needs. These gearboxes are commonly seen used in applications such as conveyor systems, pumps, paper mills, and other mechanical environments. These high-quality parts are available in reduction ratios up to 35,000:1. These K series gear products are made motorized, motor-ready, or as a reducer with a keyed input shaft. Motors are also available up to 160kW and output torque capacity up to 50000. Nm. A wide variety of mounting options and ratios are available for your particular needs. The K Series geared motor is designed with integral cast feet for base or end mounting and can be offered with single or double extended output shafts.

Torque range: up to 24,340 lb-ft (33 kNm)
Typical applications: Conveyors, pumps, textile machinery, paper mill machinery

R Series Gearboxes

Clutch Engineering offers Renold’s R Series in-line helical gear units with wide variety of mounting options and ratios. These gearboxes are made with reduction ratios up to 16,200:1. They can be used in applications for industrial pumps, conveyor systems, and more. R series gearboxes are available as motorized or motor-ready. Alternatively, they are also available as a reducer with a keyed input shaft. R Series inline geared motors and reducers deliver an effective, compact drive solution that meets most requirements up to 160kW, with a maximum output torque capacity of up to 20000Nm.

Torque range: up to 14,751 lb-ft (20 kNm)
Typical applications: Conveyors, pumps, textile machinery, paper mill machinery

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