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Torque Limiting Clutches

Depending on the intended function of each model, a torque limiting clutch will either slip or completely disengage in the event of a torque overload. Torque limiting clutches are innovative deterrents to many torque spike and overload issues. These issues can otherwise lead to expensive and dangerous events.  This is useful with a variety of equipment, including cranes and other heavy lifting applications. If a heavy load was to snag or drop into a sudden stop, it would put additional stress on a system that may not be able to survive the event without a torque limiting clutch.

JAB Torque Limiters

Offered by Clutch Engineering, the Brunel JAB torque limiter is a great option for many conveyor systems, paper machinery, packaging equipment, and other mechanical systems. These high-quality torque limiters can be easily adjusted to your ideal torque setting and they can also be manually reset upon disengagement. During normal operation, there's no slip, and the torque setting is maintained indefinitely. This creates a simpler way to keep your systems up-to-date, without the need for recurring manual adjustments. Special seals are also available for dusty operating conditions. The clutch can be installed in virtually any drive system, safeguarding against sudden spikes in torque, or gradual build-up of torque that may occur. Modifications are possible to provide manual lever operation of the clutch while retaining the overload release feature. Release torque range: 10 to 4,000 lb-ft (14 to 5,500 Nm) Typical applications: Conveyors, paper machinery, packaging equipment, machine tools

JB Torque Limiters

Available from Clutch Engineering, Brunel Corporation's Type JB torque limiters are useful in many mechanical applications. These include conveyor systems, packaging systems, bottling machines, printing presses, and other mechanical systems. JB Torque Limiters are designed to provide instant release at the preset torque. Units can be supplied pilot bored or finish bored and keywayed. With these well-made products, when the overload releases the clutch, the hub travels one revolution before the clutch automatically re-engages. This useful feature makes JB torque limiters perfect for applications where a restart has to occur in the correct position. This is also relevant for when manual resetting is not a possibility. The hub may be fitted to either shaft and is intended to be axially constrained against a shoulder to resist the resetting force and locked by means of a set screw onto the shaft key. Release torque range: 50 to 1,000 lb-ft (68 to 1,356 Nm) Typical applications: Conveyors, packaging, bottling machines, printing presses, indexing drives

Safeset Coupling

Clutch Engineering offers Voith Turbo SafeSet torque limiting couplings for use with many critical mechanical systems. This product can protect your equipment from dangerous overloads and torque increases. In the dangerous event of a torque overload, shear tubes are designed to break instantly. This leads to the releasing of hydraulic pressure and a disconnection from the driveline. Replacing the shear tubes and repressurizing the system takes only minutes, allowing you to get your processes back up to speed in a minimal amount of time. SafeSet torque limiting couplings are especially capable of preventing machine damage in high value rotating equipment. Essentially, these couplings work like a mechanical fuses in the driveline, by protecting the system from sudden torque spikes and costly breakdowns. Torque range: 737 to 14,751,242 lb-ft (1 to 20,000 kNm) Typical applications: Steel mills, crushers, grinders, conveyors, excavators, gas turbines, trains

SE Torque Limiters

Offered by Clutch Engineering, the Brunel Safety Element (SE) torque limiters are compatible with many mechanical applications, including waste water treatment systems, mining systems, extruders, and other industrial systems. These well-made products are specifically designed to prevent overload in systems with very high torque. This modular product benefits your system by essentially allowing for a virtually unlimited torque capacity. SE clutches operate with no slip, and they completely disengage when a torque overload occurs. Special units are available for waste water, outdoor environments, and corrosive conditions. The internal parts of these torque limiters are packed with grease and they are also externally regreaseable. Eight “O” ring seals prevent contaminants from entering the unit while a grease vent allows added grease to escape. Tangential force range: 2,250 to 38,000 lb (10,000 to 169,000 N) Typical applications: Waste water treatment, mining, extruders

SL Torque Limiter

PT Tech's SL series torque limiter is available from Clutch Engineering. These torque limiter products are specially designed and manufactured to be integrated into mining applications. Each SL torque limiter as capable of protecting critical mining applications when torque reaches dangerous levels in critical equipment. While slipping, this torque limiter is still able to transmit torque equal to the unit's torque setting, which results in safer and more predictable operations. Additionally, since this is a friction-type torque limiter, it is not necessary to reset the torque limiter after a slip occurs. This saves you time and expenses by avoiding costly equipment repairs. The SL series torque limiter is designed to operate at motor speed. In most drive systems the prime mover represents approximately 90-95% of the equivalent inertia. Torque range: 3,312 to 4,584 lb-ft (4,490 to 6,215 Nm) Typical applications: Mining equipment

SLQ Torque Limiter

Clutch Engineering offers SLQ series friction-type torque limiters. These well-made products do not require any adjustment at installation or throughout their full wearlife. This is a friction-type torque limiter, which offers great benefits for industrial applications such as mining operations and advanced material handling. They do not require lubrication and resetting after a slip has occurred is not necessary for continued use. Wear can also be measured without disturbing the unit, giving you accurate and readily available information about the status of your equipment. While slipping, this well-made torque limiter will continue to transmit torque to align with the unit's torque setting. Torque range: 438 to 3,828 lb-ft (594 to 5,190 Nm) Typical applications: Mining, steel, material handling

Smartset Coupling

Available from Clutch Engineering, the Voith SmartSet torque limiting coupling has the ability to slip up to 120° without releasing. This advanced functionality is useful during short duration torque spikes that may occur during the operation of your system. If a torque overload lasts longer, the coupling will fully release in order to protect the other critical components of your driveline. The outstanding precision and reliability of Voith torque limiting couplings ensures smooth operation and less wear and tear – during the entire life span of your driveline. Torque range: 737 to 14,751,242 lb-ft (1 to 20,000 kNm) Typical applications: Steel mills, crushers, grinders, conveyors, excavators, gas turbines, trains

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