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Right Angle Gearboxes

Clutch Engineering offers precision engineered right angle gearboxes for a variety of mechanical shaft applications. Right angle gearboxes are designed for use in systems when input and output shafts are angled 90° from each other. Many types of gearboxes can be used in this scenario, including helical, worm, and bevel gears. Contact our team for more information about right angle gearboxes and related solutions.

K Series Gearboxes

Clutch Engineering offers Renold K Series right angle helical bevel gear units for your industrial and mechanical needs. These gearboxes are commonly seen used in applications such as conveyor systems, pumps, paper mills, and other mechanical environments. These high-quality parts are available in reduction ratios up to 35,000:1. These K series gear products are made motorized, motor-ready, or as a reducer with a keyed input shaft. Motors are also available up to 160kW and output torque capacity up to 50000. Nm. A wide variety of mounting options and ratios are available for your particular needs. The K Series geared motor is designed with integral cast feet for base or end mounting and can be offered with single or double extended output shafts. Torque range: up to 24,340 lb-ft (33 kNm) Typical applications: Conveyors, pumps, textile machinery, paper mill machinery

K Series Gearmotors

SEW-Eurodrive K series helical-bevel gearmotors offered by Clutch Engineering are designed for wear-free operation, allowing for a long service life. These gearmotors feature gear efficiencies of more than 90% in both directions of rotation within the system. As with other SEW Eurodrive products, these gearmotors are also very compact and they boast a high power density, to better meet the needs of your machinery. These products are also resilient enough to be operated in a wide range of ambient temperatures that may be present on site. These dependable gearmotors are designed to work in many mechanical applications, while operating at high levels of efficiency. Torque range: 59 to 36,878 lb-ft (80 to 50,000 Nm) Typical applications: Conveyors, material handling, steel mills, paper mills

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