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Right Angle Gearboxes

Right angle gearboxes are used when the input and output shafts are oriented 90° from each other. Many different styles of gearbox can accommodate this, including helical, worm, and bevel gears.

K Series Gearboxes

Renold K Series right angle helical bevel gear units are available in reduction ratios up to 35,000:1. A wide variety of mounting options and ratios are available. K series gear units are available as motorized, motor-ready, or as a reducer with a keyed input shaft. Torque range: up to 24,340 lb-ft (33 kNm) Typical applications: Conveyors, pumps, textile machinery, paper mill machinery

K Series Gearmotors

SEW-Eurodrive K series helical-bevel gearmotors have gear efficiency of over 90% in both directions of rotation. They’re designed for wear-free operation, allowing for a long service life. As with other SEW Eurodrive products, these gearmotors are compact and have high power density. Torque range: 59 to 36,878 lb-ft (80 to 50,000 Nm) Typical applications: Conveyors, material handling, steel mills, paper mills

Right Angle Gearboxes Featured Manufacturers

  • SEW-Eurodrive


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