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Hydraulic Caliper Brakes

Clutch Engineering offers Kobelt hydraulic disc brakes that are both rugged and durable. Their rugged and durable construction provides solid and reliable control in air and hydraulic-applied or released designs. Built from die-cast silicone bronze and stainless steel hardware, these brakes will last in the harshest conditions. The majority of related actuators are of the low pressure type. Easy maintenance is a focal point of the design in order to minimize downtime. Even lining wear is achieved with the use of patented balancing links and the standard supplied lining does not contain asbestos. Torque – 500 to 31,000 ft-lbs Typical applications – Draw-works, hoists, winches, marine propulsion

200DPA Caliper Disc Brakes

200DPA Caliper Disc Brakes

The Eaton Airflex® Type 200DPA is a symmetrical opposed piston caliper brake design that is well suited for most high torque, high energy stopping applications.

Engineered for hydraulic actuation, the Airflex® 200DPA is a robust design able to withstand the tough operating conditions associated with industrial applications.

225DP100 Caliper Disc Brakes

225DP100 Caliper Disc Brakes

Caliper disc brakes are ideally suited for most large torque, high energy stopping applications. By proper choice of actuating pressure, number of calipers per disc, number of discs and disc diameter a braking system can be custom designed for most applications.


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