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Electric Clutches and Brakes

Electric clutches and brakes can come in many different forms, but all utilize electricity for actuation. A benefit of using electricity for your brake is that electricity is readily available in most mechanical usage scenarios. Additionally, the available emergency braking options can also halt the motion of equipment in the event of a power outage. Various electric brake and clutch options are available through Clutch Engineering. These products include failsafe spring application, manual lever releases, housing protection classes, and mounting arrangements.

14.105 and 14.115 Clutches and Brakes

Clutch Engineering offers the Intorq 14.105 and 14.115 electromagnetic clutches and brakes for use in applications such as gates, packaging machinery, and printing machinery. These clutches and brakes are useful parts that can be used in flange or shaft mounted applications. Additionally, they operate with the use of DC voltage and can transfer torque with no torsional backlash and have a very short run-in period. Some of these parts also feature patented spring pulls, as a component of the complete construction of these high quality products. 14.105 and 14.115 clutches and brakes require little maintenance, which improves machinery uptime, and they also have a long service life. Torque range: 5.5 to 354 lb-ft (7.5 to 480 Nm) Typical applications: Packaging machinery, gates, printing machinery

2SA Brake

Available from Clutch Engineering, these Stromag brakes have a great reputation for reliability and they feature manual lining wear compensation. Stromag 2SA brakes boast the title of being the most powerful electromagnetic brakes on the market. Braking is spring applied with electromagnetic release, which creates opportunities for use in fail-safe scenarios. Options are also available for load regulated lowering. This brake should be applied only in case of emergency stop, overspeed or shutdown of electric mains. Braking force: up to 100 kN (22,480 lb) Typical applications: Cranes, steel mills

600 Series Brakes

These fail-safe friendly Stromag brakes available from Clutch Engineering. In the case of a power loss, specially designed springs are used to apply braking pressure to achieve a fail-safe system appropriate for a variety of uses. Stromag 600 series of spring-applied, electromagnetically released service brakes can be used within many mechanical systems. Lining wear compensation is accomplished manually. Marine protection is available if necessary. This product is also compatible with high temperature, iron and steel conditions. Torque range: 24 to 814 lb-ft (33 to 1,104 Nm) Typical applications: Overhead cranes

BFK457 Brakes

Available from Clutch Engineering, the Intorq BFK457 brake is a well-designed braking system that can be used for many mechanical systems, hoists, and other applications. This brake also has a failsafe functionality to increase the safety of equipment during a loss of power. It uses spring applied torque for braking and an electromagnetic method for release. The effective braking torque is applied through the use of multiple pressure spring components. These failsafe brakes are a great fit for many breaking applications, and feature integral fixing screws for quick and easy installation. Torque range: 0.09 to 92 lb-ft (0.12 to 125 Nm) Typical applications: Automation systems, hoists, material handling, wood working machinery

BFK458 Brakes

The Intorq BFK458 brake offered by Clutch Engineering is a highly-effective brake system with additional fail-safe applications. This brake is double spring-applied and electromagnetically released, which is aligned with fail-safe functionality that can apply breaking pressure in the absence of power. This product is especially useful for redundant breaking applications. A wide range of operating torques, standard voltages, and brake enclosures are offered by Clutch Engineering. These brakes can also be fitted with an optional hand release, to best suit your requirements and environment. Torque range: 1 to 442 lb-ft (1.5 to 600 Nm) Typical applications: Cranes, stage machinery, brake motors, wood working machinery

BFK470 Brakes

The Intorq BFK470 is a spring-applied, electromagnetically released brake available from Clutch Engineering. The product is sealed by an IP66 enclosure and can be equipped with an optional sealed hand-release. This reliable brake offers the benefit of fail-safe functionality, due to the fact that braking pressure is applied in a de-energized state. This creates options for the application of braking pressure in the event of a power failure. Corrosion protection of up to class C5 is available. The Cold Climate Version can operate in low temperatures down to -40° C (-40° F). Torque range: 1.5 to 272 lb-ft (2 to 370 Nm) Typical applications: Wind turbines, cranes, hoists, textile machinery

CA2 Brakes

Clutch Engineering offers Stromag's CA2 series brakes. These brakes are spring applied and electromagnetically released, providing fail-safe braking functionality. This is a useful capability to have when emergency breaking is needed in an environment with moving equipment. Power failures can occur and continued motion can go unchecked without proper safety measures. Lining wear is automatically compensated for, and brake pads feature a useful wear indicator to make the status of the product clear for maintenance efforts. Torque range: 490 to 8,600 lb-ft (665 to 11,660 Nm) Typical applications: Overhead cranes, steel mills

CB Clutch Brake

Clutch Engineering offers the Warner Electric CB series clutch/brake for use in applications such as indexing rotary tables, printing heads, cut-off knife systems, and other mechanical systems. Start and stop positioning can be maintained within +1/2° at speeds up to 1800 rpm, and the CB clutch brake is completely self-contained.  Standard models are available for 12, 24, or 90 VDC or 115 VAC operation. This electrically actuated clutch/brake package is designed for systems that require a continuous rotational input that is converted into starting and stopping a load. This clutch brake product can be operated with the use of an AC or DC power source. Torque range: 25 to 5,000 lb-in (2.8 to 565 Nm) Typical applications: Indexing rotary tables, printing heads, cut-off knives

EM Clutch Brake

Clutch Engineering offers Warner Electric electro modules (EM) that can be assembled together and mounted in a variety of industrial mechanical systems. These products can be assembled to form a clutch, brake, or clutch/brake combination. They can be mounted directly onto a NEMA C-face motor or reducer, or can they be base mounted to meet the needs of a mechanical system. These clutches and brake products are also maintenance-free and can function without needing needing any intermittent lubrication. This simplifies your processes and reduces your overall maintenance costs. When there is a speed difference between the drive and the driven axis, only the use of single or multidisc clutches or brakes is permitted. With zero speed difference or engagement at standstill, the use of a tooth clutch or brake becomes possible. Torque range: 16 to 95 lb-ft (21 to 128 Nm) Typical applications: Material handling, robotics, mobile equipment

K/D Brakes

These high-performance brake products can be installed for use with a variety of machinery. This includes machinery that may experience an interruption in its flow of electricity. In these situations, an emergency braking system may be needed to stop the motion of moving components that can represent a hazard to operators or the system itself. Stromag K/D series brakes are spring applied and electromagnetically released, providing fail-safe braking in the absence of power. Lining wear is automatically compensated for, and brake pads feature a wear indicator. The brakes can be mounted either horizontally or vertically. These emergency braking solutions are also suitable for high temperature environments. Torque range: 35 to 876 lb-ft (48 to 1,188 Nm) Typical applications: Overhead cranes

KFB Brakes

A great option for fail-safe braking applications, the Pintsch Bubenzer KFB series brakes are spring applied and electromechanically released. This compact design requires low maintenance and has a high wear reserve. They are compatible with dynamic and static use at many general industrial applications. They offer high availability caused by the high durability of the specially designed product. Class IP67 protection is standard on these safety brakes. Torque range: 36 to 1,180 lb-ft (50 to 1,600 Nm) Typical applications: Gantry cranes, steel mills, wind energy, coal mining

MMC Clutches

The MMC clutch has a compact design that can fit into available space more efficiently than larger alternatives. Ogura's MMC electromagnetic clutches, provided by Clutch Engineering, do not require alignment or maintenance. These clutches are easy to mount, which reduces your downtime and further supports your bottom line. Efficient heat dissipation is a valuable feature of these MMC clutches that ensures a long service life. The complete unit consists of two major subassemblies: the rotor/field assembly and the armature. Out-of-box torque of these units is approximately 70% of the rated torque (requires burnishing for units to achieve rated torque). Torque range: 37 to 1,475 lb-ft (50 to 2,000 Nm) Typical applications: Packaging, printing, food processing, factory automation

Mobile Clutches

These mobile clutch products are typically used on a variety of pumps. Available from Clutch Engineering, Ogura creates a wide range of mobile clutches that are flange mounted. Ogura uses a heavy duty forged machined pulley which is able to stand up to abusive applications. They also use a high-quality long-life grease which performs better than standard high temperature greases. Mounting to a pump bracket or direct mounting to a pump face are the most common applications for this product. These clutches consist of two major subassemblies: the field and the rotor/armature assembly. Torque range: 58 to 1,500 lb-ft (78 to 2,033 Nm) Typical applications: Hydraulic pumps, water pumps, compressor/vacuum pumps

MZ Clutches

Clutch Engineering offers MZ electromagnetic tooth clutches that can be used in either wet or dry applications. These MZ clutches from Ogura Clutch are able to efficiently transmit torque via teeth, meaning there's no slip and minimal backlash within the system. This MZ series provides the highest torque per size of any electromagnetic clutch style. The entire unit consists of three major components: the field, the rotor and the armature/hub assembly. This unit can only engage at a low or zero rpm. It also varies with inertia and torque of the load. Generally, max engagement speed is 30rpm. Torque range: 18 to 2,950 lb-ft (25 to 4,000 Nm) Typical applications: Printing machinery, gear boxes, machine tools

PTO Clutch/Brakes

Ogura PTO clutches and brakes from Clutch Engineering are pre-adjusted and easy to install. This takes less away from your downtime and further enhances your bottom line. Most models are a one-piece pre-set design, requiring no adjustments from the installers and operators. All PTO models conveniently use a special long-life grease which performs better than standard high temperature greases. Clutches can mount with a pulley facing toward or away from an engine. All Ogura one-piece clutches are adjusted at factory and no initial adjustment is required. As adjustable clutches wear, they can be re-gapped to extend the overall product life. Torque range: 74 to 400 lb-ft (100 to 542 Nm) Typical applications: Tractors, lawn care equipment

RNB Brakes

These RNB brakes are a fail-safe option for your emergency braking needs in holding applications. Ogura Clutch RNB electromagnetic spring-applied brakes from Clutch Engineering can enhance the safety of your systems. RNB brakes come in 90VDC and 24VDC standard, but non-standard voltages are also available. The complete unit consists of two major subassemblies: the brake body, which includes the armature and friction disk, and the hub. These brakes are designed for holding applications only and are not meant for other dynamic braking applications. Torque range: 1.5 to 148 lb-ft (2 to 200 Nm) Typical applications: Robotics, machine tools, servo motors

SAB Series

Stearns is the market leader when it comes to Solenoid Actuated Brakes (SAB). These NEMA C-face brakes allow for direct mounting with coupled equipment. An almost endless variety of options is available to meet the requirements of your application. In addition to general purpose models, special marine duty and explosion-proof brakes are available for more challenging environments. Torque range: 1.5 to 1,000 lb-ft (2 to 1,356 Nm) Typical applications: Conveyors, pumps, compressors, winches, windlasses

SB Brakes

Clutch Engineering offers high-quality braking systems like the Pintsch Bubenzer SB thruster disc brakes. These are spring-set and electromagnetically released, which creates opportunities for achieving fail-safe capabilities for machinery applications. This can enhance safety and protect against the negative consequences of power loss. These brakes have a compact design, and wear adjustment is simple. Torque range: 75 to 21,241 lb-ft (103 to 28,800 Nm) Typical applications: Cranes, steel mills, mining

SF Clutches

Clutch Engineering provides Warner Electric SF series clutches for use with a multitude of parallel shaft systems. These well-made parts have a stationary field design, which effectively avoids the necessity for collector rings and brush holders. SF clutches are also resilient enough to operate in many adverse environmental conditions. SF clutches can be flange or bearing mounted, to address your particular mounting needs. The construction of these devices is specially developed to function reliably for many common and critical parallel shaft applications. Torque range: 5 to 16,200 lb-in (0.5 to 1,830 Nm) Typical applications: Parallel shaft applications

SFB Brakes

Available from Clutch Engineering, high-quality Pintsch Bubenzer SFB series brakes are spring applied safety brake. These are electromechanically released and can be used in applications where fail-safe functionality is needed. This can enhance safety and counteract negative effects from power outages. Additional special options are available to best serve your specific application, making these brakes a great fit for nearly any compatible emergency braking use case. High abrasion resistance creates a high resistance to wear for these specially manufactured brake products. They feature IP67 rated protection and high wear resistance. Torque range: 33 to 1,843 lb-ft (45 to 2,500 Nm) Typical applications: Gantry cranes, winches and deck machinery, steel mills

SFC Clutch Couplings

Offered by Clutch Engineering, these Warner Electric's SFC series clutch couplings are compatible with a wide range of in-line shaft applications. While they can be used as a coupling for in-line shaft applications, these parts can also be flange or bearing mounted. These clutch couplings have a stationary field design, that avoids a dependency on collector rings and brush holders. SFC clutch couplings are precisely designed to operate within a variety of mechanical use cased to support the specific requirements of your in-line shaft equipment. Torque range: 5 to 16,200 lb-in (0.5 to 1,830 Nm) Typical applications: In-line shaft applications

Stearns Heavy Duty Clutches and Brakes

Offered in both spring engaged and electrically engaged platforms, Stearns Heavy Duty product provide the heavy lifting and holding in a variety of applications, including steel mills, and bridge lifts. In addition to standard designs, Stearns can customize their products to most customer requirements. Style E, Style E Class S, Style SCE Class S3 and Style SCEB Class S3 are the various heavy duty options available through Stearns. Torque range: 7 to 12,000 lb-ft (9 to 16,270 Nm) Typical applications: Motor generator sets, fans, dynamometers, textile processing equipment, Steel mill screw-downs, ball mills, rod mills, kilns

Stearns SuperMod

SuperMod is designed to increase flexibility and reliability. SuperMod comes in brake only, clutch brake or clutch only configurations. Brake Only configurations provides a stop and hold, typically of a motor shaft, until the control logic disengages (removes the power or voltage from the unit’s coil). Clutch Brake configurations provides a start-stop motion used for cycling, intermediate or random motion and controls a load or machine element. Both the clutch and brake coils are electrically engaged (power on), however, the control logic should not signal both coils to be engaged at the same time. Clutch Only configurations provides a start and/or continuous motion until the control logic disengages (removes the power or voltage from the unit’s coil). TENV IP-54 enclosure are standard, with IP-55 for washdown duty available upon request. Most units are available in both C-face and foot mounted configurations.   Torque range: 16 to 145 lb-ft (21 to 196 Nm) Horsepower: 1/8 to 10 RPM dependent   Typical applications: Conveyors, amusement rides, packaging machinery, food and bottling equipment

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