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Vulkardan Coupling

Clutch Engineering provides American Vulkan Vulkardan couplings for integration into marine propulsion applications, auxiliary drives, generators, and other mechanical use cases. The Vulkardan E coupling is a highly-flexible rubber coupling for free standing installations, which includes use for many free standing industrial and nautical engine applications. This product can reduce torsional vibration in many cases, while accommodating a range of radial, axial, and angular misalignments. Different element properties are also offered for this product, to optimally meet the requirements of your system. The Vulkardan E can effectively solve many alignment challenges, and is able to deliver fantastic performance for flexible mounted engine installations. The Vulkardan F is the successor of the well-established Vulkardan E and complements the VULKAN highly flexible couplings product portfolio below the RATO R torque range.

Torque range: 154 to 60,406 lb-ft (0.21 to 81.9 kNm)
Typical applications: Marine propulsion, auxiliary drives, generators