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Torque Limiting Coupling

Available from Clutch Engineering, these Eaton Airflex’s Torque Limiting Coupling (TLC) is designed specifically for use in grinding mills of various sizes and capacities. This product is able to protect your grinding mill’s driveline from overloads, which can be a critical part of your overall system safety. As an added benefit, the TLC is reset instantaneously, which reduces equipment downtime. This is a marked improvement on most conventional torque limiting systems. Slip detection control monitors the system and will automatically disengage the TLC if necessary. Experience the benefits of continuously torque monitoring to prevent overload of the motor and damage to costly equipment. When this solution resets and restarts instantaneously, this delivers maximum uptime for your mill operation, which further supports your bottom line.

Slip torque range: 3,400,000 to 11,700,000 lb-in (384,148  to 1,321,922 Nm)
Typical application: Grinding mills