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SLD Locking Devices

Clutch Engineering offers Lovejoy shaft locking devices (SLD) that can connect hubs solidly to shafts in applications such as sheaves, sprockets, drive shafts, and more. These specially manufactured parts use a keyless mechanical interference fit. They also feature adjustable screw tension to expand the SLD to fill the gap between hub and shaft as needed. This option makes them easy to install and remove, and importantly, allows hubs to be positioned on the shaft accurately and effectively. The Lovejoy SLD 900 Shaft Locking Device is engineered to provide an efficient, high capacity, zero backlash, hub-to-shaft connection using a specialized mechanical interference fit.

Torque range: 1.73 to 565,563 lb-ft (2.3 to 766,800 Nm)
Typical applications: Sheaves, sprockets, gears, driveshafts, coupling mounting