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SL Torque Limiter

PT Tech’s SL series torque limiter is available from Clutch Engineering. These torque limiter products are specially designed and manufactured to be integrated into mining applications. Each SL torque limiter as capable of protecting critical mining applications when torque reaches dangerous levels in critical equipment. While slipping, this torque limiter is still able to transmit torque equal to the unit’s torque setting, which results in safer and more predictable operations. Additionally, since this is a friction-type torque limiter, it is not necessary to reset the torque limiter after a slip occurs. This saves you time and expenses by avoiding costly equipment repairs. The SL series torque limiter is designed to operate at motor speed. In most drive systems the prime mover represents approximately 90-95% of the equivalent inertia.

Torque range: 3,312 to 4,584 lb-ft (4,490 to 6,215 Nm)
Typical applications: Mining equipment