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SE Torque Limiters

Offered by Clutch Engineering, the Brunel Safety Element (SE) torque limiters are compatible with many mechanical applications, including waste water treatment systems, mining systems, extruders, and other industrial systems. These well-made products are specifically designed to prevent overload in systems with very high torque. This modular product benefits your system by essentially allowing for a virtually unlimited torque capacity. SE clutches operate with no slip, and they completely disengage when a torque overload occurs. Special units are available for waste water, outdoor environments, and corrosive conditions. The internal parts of these torque limiters are packed with grease and they are also externally regreaseable. Eight “O” ring seals prevent contaminants from entering the unit while a grease vent allows added grease to escape.

Tangential force range: 2,250 to 38,000 lb (10,000 to 169,000 N)
Typical applications: Waste water treatment, mining, extruders