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Safeset Coupling

Clutch Engineering offers Voith Turbo SafeSet torque limiting couplings for use with many critical mechanical systems. This product can protect your equipment from dangerous overloads and torque increases. In the dangerous event of a torque overload, shear tubes are designed to break instantly. This leads to the releasing of hydraulic pressure and a disconnection from the driveline. Replacing the shear tubes and repressurizing the system takes only minutes, allowing you to get your processes back up to speed in a minimal amount of time. SafeSet torque limiting couplings are especially capable of preventing machine damage in high value rotating equipment. Essentially, these couplings work like a mechanical fuses in the driveline, by protecting the system from sudden torque spikes and costly breakdowns.

Torque range: 737 to 14,751,242 lb-ft (1 to 20,000 kNm)
Typical applications: Steel mills, crushers, grinders, conveyors, excavators, gas turbines, trains