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PDC Clutch

Clutch Engineering provides the The Eaton Airflex Pneumatic Disc Clutch for use in mechanical applications such as dredging systems, recycling and shredding systems, and logging equipment. This clutch product has a simple design that uses a specialized air tube to actuate the clutch’s plates, giving you increased control over your braking. The product achieves low friction wear, reduced heat generation, and easy maintenance. These features create a reliable solution for maintaining critical aspects of your machinery. The Airflex Pneumatic Disc Clutch (PDC) provides a durable, trouble-free design to maximize uptime at a fraction of the cost of common disc clutches.

Torque range: 65,000 to 843,000 lb-in (7,345 to 95,254 Nm)
Typical applications: Drawworks, dredging, recycling/shredding, logging equipment