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NLS Centrifugal Clutches

Available from Clutch Engineering, these Boston Gear NLS centrifugal clutches are compatible with many applications that include turbines, generators, elevator systems, conveyor systems, and pumps. The NLS centrifugal clutch is a rugged time-proven unit. When used with various industrial mechanical systems, this product allows systems to be started without load. In addition to aiding in the startup process, these clutches can protect against shock loads by slipping when overloaded. NLS centrifugal clutches are available in both free engagement and delayed engagement versions. When installed, this product is adept at allowing the motor or other driving source to accelerate to operating speed without load and to slipping automatically when overloaded.

Power range: 0.2 to 8,360 HP (0.15 to 6,234 kW)

Typical applications: Turbines, generators, elevators, conveyors, pumps