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Low Inertia Clutches and Brakes

Clutch Engineering offers Wichita Low Inertia clutches and brakes, for applications that include presses, shears, and other industrial equipment. These clutch and brake parts are air applied, spring released disc style units that give you more control over your braking pressure. When in use, these products develop torque proportional to the air pressure applied. The units are also designed to be free from effects of centrifugal force and self-energization. Low inertia start/stop parts reduce the acceleration times of each unit, which allows you to benefit from more cycles per minute, as well as a reduction in heat generation. Wichita Clutches engage smoothly and quietly, without shock or impact.  They are also able to utilize their spring release construction to release completely in a fraction of a second. Extremely fast action is also possible because of the small volume of air required for these high-quality clutches and brakes.

Torque range – 3,160 to 17,850,000 lb-in (340 to 1,204,000 Nm)
Typical applications – Presses, Shears, Bulk Material Handling and General Industrial Equipment