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EM Clutch Brake

Clutch Engineering offers Warner Electric electro modules (EM) that can be assembled together and mounted in a variety of industrial mechanical systems. These products can be assembled to form a clutch, brake, or clutch/brake combination. They can be mounted directly onto a NEMA C-face motor or reducer, or can they be base mounted to meet the needs of a mechanical system. These clutches and brake products are also maintenance-free and can function without needing needing any intermittent lubrication. This simplifies your processes and reduces your overall maintenance costs. When there is a speed difference between the drive and the driven axis, only the use of single or multidisc clutches or brakes is permitted. With zero speed difference or engagement at standstill, the use of a tooth clutch or brake becomes possible.

Torque range: 16 to 95 lb-ft (21 to 128 Nm)
Typical applications: Material handling, robotics, mobile equipment