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EBN 710-201/6

Pintsch Bubenzer EBN series drum thruster brakes operate according to the DIN 15435 standard. Bushings are self-lubricating and do not require greasing. A range of thrusters are available to suit your application.



According to DIN 15435
High performance
Robust design
Tried and trusted
Stepless adjustable brake spring enclosed in a square tube with directly readable torque scale
Self-lubricating bushings mean brakes are easy to service, no greasing necessary
Even brake shoe release by adjustable lever stops
Up to size 400: Levers and base plate of nodular cast iron
From size 500: Levers and base plate welded steel
Different actuators
Aluminum brake shoes acc. DIN 15435 Bl. 2 with non-asbestos, organic linings
Shoe clamping springs which prevent brake shoes from tilting when released
Pins and main spindle of stainless steel
Polished parts and screws galvanized and plated


Automatic wear compensator
Limit switch release control
Limit switch wear control
Limit switch manual release
Manual release lever with or without stop
Monitoring systems (e.g. VSR/CMB)
Brake drums with hubs or couplings

Thruster Type

Ed 201/6

Torque Rating (µ = 0.4)

5510 Nm

Dimension amax

1120 mm

Dimension b1

265 mm

Dimension b2

255 mm

Dimension c

280 mm

Drum Diameter

710 mm

Dimension D3

27 mm

Dimension e

240 mm

Dimension f

335 mm

Dimension g

240 mm

Dimension h1

460 mm

Dimension h2

10 mm

Dimension i

190 mm

Dimension k

450 mm

Dimension lmax

1515 mm

Dimension m

520 mm

Dimension n

150 mm

Dimension p

335 mm

Dimension q

175 mm

Dimension r

25 mm

Dimension s3

2 mm


266 kg


Pintsch Bubenzer


Spring Applied, Electro-Hydraulic Release

1 Average friction factor of standard material combination