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E Clutches and Brakes

Offered by Clutch Engineering, the Eaton Airflex type E element assembly is used for construction equipment, marine winches, metalworking machinery, and other industrial applications. This brake is designed to actuate by applying air to an expanding air bladder. Integrated leaf springs are used to resist centrifugal forces and make sure that the friction shoes disengage. To operate effectively, Airflex expanding elements concentrate the frictional force on the inside drum diameter. With this method, this product achieve maximum torque. The torque lever arm is the drum radius, not a reduced radius as occurs in plate clutches. Additionally, not only is the force generated at the optimum radius, but it is also applied uniformly around the drum circumference.

Torque range: 11,300 to 225,000 lb-in (1,280 to 25,400 Nm)
Typical applications: Construction equipment, marine winches, metalworking