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Centric Centrifugal Clutches

Clutch Engineering offers Boston Gear Centric Centrifugal Clutches (CCC) that are compatible with many applications for soft starts, or, conversely, to brake runaway systems. These extremely efficient clutches can function without the need for external controls. All CCC series clutches are custom designed to best fit your application, giving you great freedom to meet the needs of your systems. The spring controlled centrifugal clutch lets engines warm up before starting the load or to stand by at an idling speed, when it is used with engine drives. Due to this ability, the spring controlled centrifugal clutch is highly useful for industrial applications such as dual drives and engine driven pumping systems.

Power range: 40 to 2,280 HP (29 to 1,700 kW)

Typical applications: Turbines, generators, elevators, conveyors, pumps