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CBC Clutch/Brake Combination

Clutch Engineering offers the Eaton CBC, for use with various mechanical applications such as punching machines, printing machines, presses, and other industrial equipment. This clutch/brake combination features a compact design that can effectively apply braking pressure to moving equipment within for your critical operations. This particular product combines an air actuated disc clutch and a spring applied disc brake. Due to the CBC’s simple design, over lapping is not able occur between clutching and braking, giving you a better optimized product solution. This, combined with its high thermal capacity and low air consumption, makes this clutch/brake product ideal for a great variety of high speed, high cyclic, and heavy-duty industrial applications.

Dynamic brake torque range: 10,900 to 135,000 lb-in (1,231 to 15,253 Nm)
Static clutch torque range: 18,700 to 290,000 lb-in (2,113 to 32,765 Nm)
Typical applications: Punching machines, printing machines, shears, stamping and forming presses