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CB Clutch Brake

Clutch Engineering offers the Warner Electric CB series clutch/brake for use in applications such as indexing rotary tables, printing heads, cut-off knife systems, and other mechanical systems. Start and stop positioning can be maintained within +1/2° at speeds up to 1800 rpm, and the CB clutch brake is completely self-contained.  Standard models are available for 12, 24, or 90 VDC or 115 VAC operation. This electrically actuated clutch/brake package is designed for systems that require a continuous rotational input that is converted into starting and stopping a load. This clutch brake product can be operated with the use of an AC or DC power source.

Torque range: 25 to 5,000 lb-in (2.8 to 565 Nm)
Typical applications: Indexing rotary tables, printing heads, cut-off knives