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327 STVC

The Wichita Standard Vent Combination Clutch-Coupling is designed for reliable in-line power transmission. The simple air-tube design, with small air volume, speeds engagement and disengagement. It is unaffected by centrifugal force and has no self-energization like drum clutch designs. Ideally suited for large inertia loads where smooth controlled starts are needed.


Slip Torque Capacity at 100 psi .3 CF >>

517500 lb·in

Maximum Horsepower per 100 RPM-Duty A

821 hp

Maximum Horsepower per 100 RPM-Duty B

600 hp

Maximum Horsepower per 100 RPM-Duty C

300 hp

Maximum Horsepower per 100 RPM-Duty D

165 hp

Recommended Clearance

5/32 to 7/32 in

Hi-speed Air Tube Maximum Speed

1400 rpm

Total Weight

1200 lb

Total WR2

945 lb·ft2

Driving Ring & Friction Disc-Weight


Driving Ring & Friction Disc-WR2


Lining Area

2190 in2


Wichita Clutch


Air Applied


Maximum air pressure – 100 PSI