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The Airflex quick release valve (QRV) is a pneumatic in-line, three-way valve designed to automatically close upon pressurization and open to exhaust when a pressure drop occurs in the supply line. The valve provides an exhaust port close to the pressurized chamber of the device being controlled rather than exhausting through long supply lines and/or control components. The end result is a reduction in lag time between the signal to exhaust and response.




Maximum Operating Pressure

150 psi
10.3 bar

Minimum Sealing Pressure

2 psi
0.14 bar

Operating Temperature Range >> ºC

-40 to 49 ºC
-40 to 120 ºF

Mean Life

Over five million cycles at 75 psi (5.2 bar) and 80 ºF (27 ºC).

Diaphragm Material


Housing Material

Zinc alloy

Inlet Port Thread


Tubing Outside Diameter

1.000 in

Cylinder Port Thread

1-11 1/2

Flow Capacity (Inlet to Cylinder) >> ft³/min [Imperial]


Flow Capacity (Cylinder to Exhaust)


Muffler Part Numbers


Dimension D

3.38 in
86 mm

Dimension D1

6.04 in
153 mm

Dimension D53

0.38 in
10 mm

Dimension H

2.94 in
75 mm

Dimension L1

3.09 in
78 mm

Dimension L2

0.81 in
21 mm

Dimension M

1.61 in
41 mm

Dimension O

1.000 in
25.4 mm

Dimension O1

1-11 1/2

Dimension O3

0.94 in
24 mm

Dimension O4

1 5/16-16

Dimension P

1.94 in
49 mm

Dimension U1

1.90 in
48 mm

Dimension U2

4.50 in
114 mm

Dimension U5

2.75 in
70 mm

Dimension W2

2.00 in
51 mm

Quick Release Valve Options

with Steel Sleeve – BD|with Steel Sleeve & Muffler – BE|with 1-11 1/2 Pipe Threads Both Ports – BF|with Pipe Adapter – BR|with Pipe Adapter & Muffler – CA|Replacement Kit – BZ|Replacement Kit with Muffler – DX

Air Quality

Clean and dry to avoid contamination of housing and diaphragm. Any additive used in air supply must be compatible with valve materials.