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Clutch Engineering offers many high-quality Con-Vel products. Clutch Engineering specializes in the distribution of industrial power transmission products, which can be used in mechanical systems across a multitude of industries. We are proud to feature constant velocity (CV) joints from Con-Vel. In addition to providing these well-made parts, our Application Engineers are available to ensure that you select the right products for your particular application.


Since 1927, the Rzeppa Constant Velocity Joint has been a highly-effective solution for mobile equipment builders around the world. Con-Vel wheel drive bell joints are proven as a method for delivering dependable power transmission. Careful selection of the highest quality materials, precision manufacturing by experienced craftsmen, conscientious assembly, and rigid adherence to detail guarantee a reliable, high-quality product. These constant velocity joints are ideally suited for applications where unequal joint angles are encountered, and low vibration generation is needed.


Constant velocity joints manufactured by Con-Vel are suitable for a wide variety of mechanical applications and industries. These products are ideal for steels mills, paper mills, dynamometers, marine propulsion, and anywhere else that true constant velocity power transmission is needed. Clutch Engineering can provide solutions for dependable, long-lasting driveshafts for the most severe demanding industrial applications. Our team also offers technical support to ensure that your needs are being met. Contact us today with any questions about our mechanical solutions.

Constant Velocity Joints

Con-vel constant velocity joints provide true constant velocity. These driveshafts experience no change in velocity or acceleration, smoothly transmitting torque even when joint angles are unequal.

Torque range: 169 to 4,725 lb-ft (230 to 6,410 Nm)
Typical applications: Steel mill machinery, paper mill machinery, dynamometers, marine propulsion

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