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Pump & Process Equipment Drive

R Series Gearmotors

SEW-Eurodrive R series helical gearmotors have high torque density and long service life. A wide range of torques and gear ratios are offered. Torque range: 36 to 13,275 lb-ft (50 to 18,000 Nm) Typical applications: Steel mills, paper mills, conveyors, waste water treatment

X Series Gearboxes

SEW-Eurodrive X series helical and helical-bevel gearboxes feature an extremely robust housing with flexible mounting options. This design’s high power density allows for reduced costs and weight. Torque range: 5,015 to 350,342 lb-ft (6,800 to 475,000 Nm) Typical applications: Conveyors, ball mills, agitators, overhead cranes, shredders


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