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Gas Turbine Starters

56 Series Turbine Air Starters

Highly reliable TDI TurboStart 56 series air starters provide air starting functionality to gas turbine engines, drives, and marine applications. Additionally, the Model 56A starter includes a specially designed TDI low mass turbine rotor that can fracture in a highly controlled and low-risk manner in the event of a starter over-speeding. Air starters within the TDI 56 series are notably less expensive than less than most competitive products, due in part to simple and efficient designs. More reliable than three-point clutch alternatives, specialized air starters feature an innovative 22-point sprag clutch design. Torque range: 55 to 520 lb-ft (74 to 705 Nm) Typical applications: Gas turbine engines for electrical power generation, industrial drives, and marine propulsion applications


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