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Electrification Systems

1400 Series Cable Reel

Clutch Engineering offers Conductix-Wampfler's 1400 Series PowerReel spring-driven cable reels. These cable reels feature rugged all-steel construction for use in tougher conditions while maintaining their efficacy. These reliable cable reels are designed for long service life without extensive maintenance, if any. A ratchet mechanism locks the cable at the desired length and can also be disabled as needed. The reel may be mounted by bolting the base to any flat surface which is structurally sound enough to support it and the forces of winding and unwinding the cable.   Available cable length: 20 to 80 ft (6.1 to 24.38 m) Typical applications: Overhead hoists, truck cranes, extendable conveyors

1900-2400 Series Cable Reel

Conductix-Wampfler 1900 Series and 2400 Series PowerReel from Clutch Engineering are both spring-driven cable reels that are useful for various cranes and automated material handling. These cable wheel products are built to NEMA 4 standards for indoor or outdoor use, which gives you a greater variety of usage possibilities. The two-piece cable roller guide has a mounting range of 345 degrees. The cable reel's spring motor canister is sealed and lubricated for life. All 1900 & 2400 Series Cable Reels can be furnished with a pivot base to allow the reel to rotate and keep the extended cable perpendicular to the application. Typical applications: Overhead cranes and hoists, truck cranes, automated material handling

Hevi-Bar II Conductor Bar

The Conductix-Wampfler Hevi-Bar II conductor bar uses surface area to dissipate heat. It can be mounted horizontally or vertically to function according to your needs in many instances. Conductix-Wampfler Hevi-Bar II conductor bar is available from Clutch Engineering and it is designed to last for the life of your equipment. Optional Dura-Coat finish provides protection in corrosive environments. (When mounting web brackets, take special care in aligning the brackets at precisely the same height as to assure level travel of the system.) Web brackets may be mounted by bolting the bracket to the support structure or by welding the bracket in place. Maximum speed: 2,000 ft/min (609.6 m/min) Typical applications: Medium to large overhead cranes, transit systems, steel mills, chemical plants

Safe-Lec 2 Conductor Bar

Clutch Engineering offers the rugged and easy to install Conductix-Wampfler Safe-Lec 2 conductor bar, for a variety of industrial uses. For this product, the collector arm is able to articulate through a wide range of motion to keep the shoe in contact with the rail. The shoes are guided by a v-contact in the bar itself. Safe-Lec 2 is insulated for IP2 ""finger safe"" operation. Maximum Recommended Hanger Spacing: 1.5 Meters (59.0”) on straight runways, 1.125 Meters (44.3”) on all Lateral Mount Systems and Curved Systems (curved section only) Maximum speed: 1,200 ft/min (365.7 m/min) Typical applications include: Small to medium overhead cranes, conveyor systems, monorails, amusement rides


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