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Engineered Breakdown Retrofit


We were contacted by a local steel company on a Friday morning with a serious problem. They had just had a special D.C. motor disintegrate beyond repair on an integral recoiling operation that would shut down one of their rolling mills. The problem was the replacement motor that they located did not have a shaft on the back end of the motor. This is where the spring set holding brake was located on the original installation.


The solution was an Atraflex coupling and Kobelt caliper brake system which was mounted between the 15 HP motor and gearbox shown below. Atraflex offers a flexible coupling with an integral brake disc and Kobelt provided the spring set/air release caliper brake. We were a little lucky because both vendors were located on the West Coast giving us a 3 hour cushion. The net result was both items were completed and shipped air freight that day. The retrofit was completed on Sunday at the mill and ready for the first shift on Monday. Needless to say we had one happy customer.


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