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As specialists in the field of brakes, clutches and controls, our engineers have helped solve thousands of problems.  Take a look at some of our real life stories to see how we can better help you.

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See how we helped a Paper Company reduce replacement parts for their air cooled drum-style brake system AND lower down time for repairs.

See how we helped a Steel Company with a tension control and leaking water cooled brakes in an annealing furnace, redesigning the braking system and lowering repair down time.

See how we can help you with water cooled equipment.

This real situation highlights Clutch Engineering customer service.  A retrofit of a replacement motor is engineered by Clutch.

This brake problem caused much production down time on a mechanical press.  See how we solved this costly problem.

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  • Paper company
  • Air cooled drum brake
  • Lessened replacement parts
  • Lowered down time


A northeastern paper company had a problem with a brake on the dryer section of their paper machines.  The brake was an air cooled drum style with an internal expanding element.  When the brake was applied, the drum would stop, making the cooling fins on the drum ineffective at dissipating heat.  This caused premature checking and cracking in the drum and replacement approximately every three months.  Compounding the was  mid-shaft placement of the brake/drum. To get to the brake required removal of a jog motor and clutch, which increased down time.


A new brake system consisting of two Kobelt 5021-A calipers on a 30" ventilated disc solved the problem.  The caliper design puts the friction shoes on the outside of the disc, making inspection and replacement of worn shoes quick and easy.  There is no longer any need to move other components in the drive line.  The ventilated disc design dissipates heat more efficiently, even when the disc has stopped, eliminating associated heat problems.  Savings associated with less replacement parts and less down time has given a payback on this project of less than a year.

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