As specialists in the field of brakes, clutches and controls, our engineers have helped solve thousands of problems.  Take a look at some of our real life stories to see how we can better help you.

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See how we helped a Paper Company reduce replacement parts for their air cooled drum-style brake system AND lower down time for repairs.

See how we helped a Steel Company with a tension control and leaking water cooled brakes in an annealing furnace, redesigning the braking system and lowering repair down time.

See how we can help you with water cooled equipment.

This real situation highlights Clutch Engineering customer service.  A retrofit of a replacement motor is engineered by Clutch.

This brake problem caused much production down time on a mechanical press.  See how we solved this costly problem.

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  • Stamping press
  • Brake problem
  • More production
  • Less Maintenance


One of our long time customers contacted us about a brake problem on one of their stamping presses.  Their problem was that after about an hour of single stroking the press, the existing clam shell drum brake would get so hot it couldn't stop the press.  They would let it sit for an hour to cool off and then go through the same cycle again.  Needless to say production suffered.


After running the appropriate calculations for torque, thermal load and stopping time, we looked at our choices for a spring set/air release brake for the retrofit and chose the Kobelt caliper brake for the solution.  One of the big factors was the location of the brake which was on the backshaft.  As you can see in the photo, the caliper design allows maintenance of the brake shoes and actuators without disturbing the caliper or disc.  The 2 inch thick ventilated disc from Kobelt allowed the press to operate constantly, more than doubling production.

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