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Universal Joints

Universal joints represent another category of high-quality mechanical solutions from Clutch Engineering. These parts are able to transfer torque over a larger misalignment than other flexible coupling products. While flexible couplings have a wide range of mechanical applications, these universal joints expand the possibilities for part installation and placement. Single joint, double joint, and telescoping shafts are available to fit your particular application. Contact our team directly for additional information about our universal joint products.

Double Universal Joint

Clutch Engineering offers double universal joints from the joint experts at Belden Universal, which gives you access to highly useful parts that can be integrated into metalworking, printing, and packaging systems, along with a diverse list of other applications. These double universal joints are available in high-grade alloy steel and stainless steel. In addition to coming in a variety of materials, these products also have multiple finishing options to suit your preferences. A strong indicator of quality for this product is that it is manufactured to the same high-quality standards as its single universal joint variants. Using these joints can enable precise positioning and provide flexibility under higher angles of operation. Double universal joints operate at up to 90° which increases operating possibilities when compared to other joints with less flexibility. Using phased double joints also allows for equal input and output speeds when the operating angles of the joints are equal. If these joints are being used in a corrosive environment, it is recommended to use lubricant retaining boots for best results and longevity Torque range: 18 to 5,735 lb-in (2.1 to 648 Nm) Typical applications: Metalworking machinery, printing machinery, conveyors, packaging systems, steering systems, machine tools

Geared Mill Spindles

Renold Ajax geared mill spindles are available from Clutch Engineering for roughing mills, finishing mills, and other mechanical applications. These specially designed products offer a high power density and long life, to further support your bottom line and increase machinery uptime. In order to reduce bore wear and vibration, Renold uses a roll end piloting system. To address potential inadequacies of grease lubrication, Renold has developed an oil lubricated spindle design for use in all types of mills including Hot Strip Roughing and Finishing applications. Typical applications include: Roughing mills, finishing mills

Single Universal Joint

Clutch Engineering offers high-quality single universal joints from Belden Universal. These specially made joints are constructed to be sturdy, reliable, and long-lasting. These products are comprised of high-grade alloy steel components. Each joint is precision machined, heat treated, and ground to exacting standards to create durable, high-performance models. This attention to detail and use of advanced manufacturing techniques results in a product that is far better than typical industrial-grade models. For use in your applications, pin and block joints can effectively transmit torques in the most demanding of environments. Alternatively, for higher-speed joint applications, you may also order needle bearing joints to better suit your specific needs. Contact our team for additional information about these high-quality single universal joints. Torque range: 14 to 28,000 lb-in (1.6 to 3,163 Nm) Typical applications: Metalworking machinery, printing machinery, conveyors, packaging systems, steering systems, machine tools

Telescoping Universal Joint

Belden telescoping universal joints create options for installing reliable joint components as a part of metalworking, printing, conveyor, and other applications. Belden creates an intelligent product offering to meet the real needs of mechanical systems. This includes options for joint materials, product coatings, and specialty mounting arrangements that promote the optimal performance of your joints and processes. These joints can feature easy connection, quick release, and quick change capabilities. These joints are designed specifically to meet the critical needs of otherwise challenging joint applications. These products are compatible with all metric styles, and telescoping length allows for enhanced flexibility during the mounting process. Typical applications: Metalworking machinery, printing machinery, conveyors, packaging systems, steering systems, machine tools


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