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SAFELEC 2 Conductor Bar

Originally developed by Insul-8 over 60 years ago, 8-Bar was the first insulated conductor system for crane/monorail electrification. If you need 8-bar, insist on the original! 8-Bar has many special options and components developed over 60 years of applications. The basic system is designed for bottom entry. A unique Side Contact system is available for lateral mounting. Able to accommodate small bend radii for curved systems and slip rings.

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Heater Wire System

Heater Wire System

  • A heater wire system is recommended for outdoor applications where frost and ice buildup may occur.
  • The thermostatic control box will automatically energize the heater wire system at temperatures of 35ºF (1.66ºC) and below.
  • Heater wires are pre-installed in each section of bar.
  • Please consult Conductix for assistance in selecting the correct heater wire system.


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