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Clutch Engineering offers reliable motor products that range in durability and power. Our great selection of motors allows you to strategize around your needs for price, horsepower, and resilience. AC & DC motors are used in a variety of industrial applications. These applications range from harsh environments that include explosive agents, to washdown conditions where an occasional splash may take place. Motors range in HP from .25HP up to 350HP models. Contact our team for additional information about general purpose, washdown, explosion proof and DC motors.

Leeson DC Motors

Industrial and commercial design DC Motors for low and high voltage applications typically requiring speed adjustment, constant torque throughout speed range and reversing capabilities. Designs include permanent magnet, explosion proof, IEC and washdown rated motors. HP Range: .25HP – 150HP Applications: conveyors, turntables and various applications where adjustable speed and constant or low speed torque are required.

Leeson Explosion Proof Motors

Specialized motors for hazardous environments where fire or explosive agents are present. LEESON® explosion proof motors meet varying electrical codes including UL Division I or Division II. HP Range: .33HP – 350HP Applications: Used where explosive gases or materials are present like chemical plants, utility gas plants dry cleaning plants and coal mines

Leeson General Purpose Motors

Hundreds of industrial designed “off-the-shelf” motor solutions including totally enclosed and drip-proof enclosures, rolled steel and cast iron frames, and single or three phase motors. HP Range: .25HP – 150HP Applications: Compressors, conveyors, pumps and fans

Leeson Washguard Motors

Designed to meet the demanding washdown conditions. Whether you need a motor that handles an occasional splash or a solution that can handle continuous washdown 24/7, LEESON® Washguard® industrial-duty motors can take it. Choose a solution that’s USDA approved, FDA approved, BISSC certified, or has an IP69 enclosure protection - to name a few. HP Range: .5HP – 15HP Applications: Conveyers, pumps and fans in food processing plants, chemical processing, pharmaceutical plants and beverage and brewing industries

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