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Torsiflex-i Disc Coupling

Clutch Engineering offers Ameridrives Torsiflex-i disc couplings that are compatible and highly-effective for ensuring the ideal operation of process pumps. These disc coupling products and can also be used in general industrial applications that can include compressors, fans, presses and processing machinery. Their drop-in spacer design enables easy installation without moving the hubs. A zinc phosphate coating is standard, and other materials and coatings are available as well. The Torsiflex-i can be paired with Torsi-Lock hubs for an easy, mechanical interference fit. The Torsiflex-I coupling is also of the dry disc type. Flexibility is obtained by the deformation of the disc packs, within defined limits, which are separated by a tubular spacer. Large hubs are available on the first two sizes.

Torque range: 199 to 88,510 lb-ft (269 to 120,000 Nm)
Typical applications: Pumps, compressors, fans, food processing machinery, printing presses